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Tiong Bahru Bakery honestly isn’t my favourite place because I feel like their bakes are always a bit soggy and never really taste that fresh. But this green tea croissant was decent. I liked the earthy matcha almond paste, even though the croissant was as expected, soggy. It’s kind of a pity that their bakes can’t retain their texture.

Even though Jin Jin is known for their chendol, I surprisingly liked the gangster ice better! They totally didn’t skimp on the massive ball of durian maoshanwang pulp on top, which made the ice really creamy when mixed in, and it actually went quite well with mango. The funny thing is why it’s named gangster ice - because it’s 榴(莲)芒(果)冰 in Chinese, so it’s basically 流氓冰. Hope you cracked up, my mum definitely did!

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts seems to always have a queue, probably because of how generous they are with the ingredients for the cheap price! The chendol is covered with their thick, gloopy gula melaka syrup (almost like a toffee syrup) that’s quite strongly flavoured. For $2, there’s a generous amount of green pandan jelly and beans swimming in the coconut milk.

Also had the new flavour that Apiary has been developing, the +61, which is the country code for Australia if you’re curious. It consists of orange zest, dark chocolate and almonds. It was not bad, but I felt that the chocolate and orange flavours could have been more pronounced rather than muted for a bolder and more memorable flavour.

Finally tried Apiary and I quite liked it! Got three flavours: raspberry, despicable (banana, walnut, brownie) and rum and raisin. I liked how fruity the raspberry and banana flavours were - feels like they used real fruit inside. The raspberry was deliciously tangy and the banana flavour was super strong and not artificial tasting, definitely an elevated version of Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey. The rum and raisin one was potent and not too sweet. Very well balanced!

Finally visited The Humble Scoop, which I’ve been wanting to try because they have quite a few interesting local flavours. It’s a small shop in Katong Shopping Centre and they have various flavours on rotation. Sampled the flavours and decided to get the flavours: orh-be-good (pulut hitam), gam-ba-teh (earl grey milk tea) and orh haw~ (hawthorn berry). Also quite liked their mango sorbet, which tasted like a good mango pudding, and their old school chocolate, which was a really rich, dark chocolate that I’d normally go for but wasn’t in the mood haha.
Of the three flavours, my favourite was the hawthorn one because it tastes completely like hawflakes and is really refreshing as a sorbet. It’s not too sweet or creamy, so I really liked it! The other favours were quite good too. The pulut hitam ice cream doesn’t taste overly of coconut milk and the glutinous rice isn’t hard like it can be in some ice creams. It really tastes like the dessert! The earl grey one has a creamier texture, but it still has a strong tea fragrance and there are tea leaves inside. Would prefer it to be a bit less creamy, but it’s still quite nice.
Overall quite a good try! A pity that the flavours of muah chee or cereal milk weren’t available when I went bc they sound amazing!!! They update their flavours daily on their instagram so you can check it out before you go down. Will go again next time when those flavours are available!

Have been wanting to check out their ice cream for a while since they seem to have cool flavours. Got the King Alphonso (mango sorbet) and Black Gold (chocolate and Guinness stout) as a double scoop. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the texture of their ice cream that much as it’s softer than I prefer and not as creamy, possibly because of how they churn it and their lack of preservatives? Tom’s Palette is on the softer side compared to Udders, but this is softer than Tom’s Palette and the texture is just kind of “loose”. They had interesting flavours too but it didn’t taste that special in reality, esp with other competitors like Tom’s Palette and The Humble Scoop. Oh well!

The sugar donuts from Old Airport Road are unbelievable. They’re fluffy, chewy, and both slightly sweet from the sugar and salty from the dough, which tastes a bit like you tiao. They have to be eaten on the same day though, or the dough loses its springiness. Love having this with jam, but even more so alone, so you can appreciate the subtle saltiness of it!


I loved these donuts. All the bakes here are really good in fact. Clearly they have a great in house baker! Strictly, these donuts are bomboloni (Italian filled donuts), but whatever its name, they were fluffy and absolutely stuffed with cream. The contrast in temperature between the cold cream and the dough itself makes it taste even more amazing, btw. We got two flavours- kaya and chocolate. The homemade kaya one was really fragrant, with a pronounced pandan taste, and was on the sweeter side.

I actually preferred the chocolate one more though. The cream was slightly bitter not too sweet because they used dark chocolate. It also didn’t have the texture of Nutella, but rather, was quite airy and unexpectedly light. This was rly great esp after a heavy meal.

Don’t sleep on these donuts!!! Even if you’re stuffed you can still get one to share with your dining partner!

Thanks Burpple and Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for the eatup!


Their hazelnut dream cake is quite accurately, a dream. It’s a light, moist chiffon cake, layered with Italian meringue buttercream, with praline, milk chocolate ganache, and chopped hazelnuts. It’s not too sweet and really well balanced - so although it can taste quite rich, it somehow doesn’t feel like you’re eating that much! The slice is also pretty massive (this pic does no justice), so this is quite worth it.

Thanks Burpple and Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for the eatup!


Have seen people raving about this, so I got three to try out- banana, peanut butter, and hazelnut nutella. You can reserve what flavours you’d like via Instagram DMs so that you can ensure it doesn’t sell out, and you can also check what flavours they have for that day.

Overall, it was kind of underwhelming for me. I liked it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it. It’s more of a chocolate cake than a brownie, and it’s very moist and kind of oily. It actually tastes a lot like those small brownie bites that come in a small pack at the supermarket, but with a much richer and higher quality dark chocolate taste. It’s certainly delicious, but I would probably only have it once in a while given how indulgent it is, and also because it’s rather pricy for a small block (although you probably wouldn’t be able to eat more bc it’s so rich haha).

I liked the banana flavour the best because the bananas added moisture within the brownie, compared to the Nutella and peanut butter fillings, which made my throat a bit drier especially when paired with the thick chocolate brownie.

Udders is an oldie, but a goodie! They have a new outlet now open at Kovan (around the corner of Nakhon Kitchen) and a 1 for 1 opening promo! I really enjoyed their strawberry, and orange chocolate flavour in particular. The strawberry flavour tasted like an actual strawberry yogurt smoothie (not artificial or sweet at all) and the orange chocolate flavour was incredibly rich due to the dark chocolate and the orange liquor really elevated it. The earl grey flavour was also quite good- really strong tea flavour and not too creamy. Cookies and cream was poor though, the ice cream base tasted a bit like artificial cream and didn’t particularly taste like vanilla.

Great food finds, budget deals, and critical reviews! Find me on Instagram @whatlizhaseaten :~)

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