This dessert is quite pretty, but it was sadly way too sweet. They’ve stated that it’s a dessert that you drink with a straw, but I found it both overly sweet even after mixing and also too drying because of the thick yam paste. Would have preferred more milk rather than so much yam. I liked the small taro pearls below though.

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Tiger Sugar has opened a new dessert place in Capitol Piazza serving traditional Chinese desserts. Although it’s pricier, I feel that the price is justifiable when considering the location (air conditioned, in town) and the large portion (probably feeds 3 people comfortably). Was a bit taken aback because I expected the dessert to come separated nicely into three quadrants like in other pictures, but oh well lol! I liked the sago and purple rice in this, although I personally don’t like red bean. The little tangyuan balls inside were also nice and chewy. The dessert wasn’t too sweet too.

Tried Denzy gelato recently using #burpplebeyond and I was pleasantly surprised! They’re located at the bottom of a HDB block near the bishan bus interchange so it’s quite convenient to get to.

Was really amazed at how rich their pistachio gelato is. It’s so fragrant and nutty and not too sweet, and really better than a lot of other pistachio gelatos at other more famous ice cream places. Also enjoyed the mango blood orange sorbet for a good citrusy contrast to cleanse the palette. Wish there were more fruity flavours here but it was a good experience! Would go back.

Nothing better than the mentaiko baguettes from DonQ! Slathered generously with mentaiko on the inside and outside and the baguette is the perfect vessel for it. The only thing is that the baguette is quite hard sometimes and may be a bit too much for your jaw if you are eating it at one go haha.

The raisin escargot is equally crisp and dotted generously with raisins in the crevices of the spiral. It’s good if you like raisins, but I still prefer the chocolate orange one better, again, bc it’s much more satisfying. This feels like a healthier option definitely.

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The pain au chocolat was not bad- lots of layers and decently buttery, but I felt that it could have been a bit more buttery and with chewier dough inside. A good classic but I got more satisfaction with the escargot since the chocolate in this wasn’t as much.

Another shot of the chocolate orange escargot because I love it so much. They don’t have much seating space inside the shop- only 2 tables and 2 benches, and they don’t serve coffee either so it’s better to take away your pastries. But eat it soon or it won’t be as crisp!

Had to take a shot of this up close in the sunlight to show it in all its glory. The layers of pastry were so flaky and crisp, and the pastry to ingredient ratio was perfect. The candied orange bits and dark chocolate were not too sweet. I’ve been looking at the pastries from here for a while and it didn’t disappoint me at all. This was my favourite pastry of all of them and I totally recommend getting more than one of this! So glad I could get these pastries without reserving it in advance (2 days in advance, DM their Facebook or instagram!)

Back again! Tried their Deepavali special, strawberry lassi, and Orh Haw (hawthorn) and Oolong. I quite liked their strawberry lassi and I think they should make it a permanent flavour on rotation! It’s tart and yogurty, but not overly creamy. The frozen strawberry chunks inside also make it taste extra great. Got the hawthorn flavour again since my brothers didn’t try it before and I love it because there’s nothing like it anywhere else. It’s a refreshing sorbet! Lastly, got their oolong, which has a very rich, smokey tea flavour and is very creamy. It’s similar in consistency to their earl grey, although I find the earl grey to be more fragrant. My brother likes the oolong more though.

Overall I love this place. It’s a small space but the servers are so nice and patient when you sample the flavours. Another flavour I liked while sampling is the Old School Chocolate, which unlike its name, doesn’t taste like chocolate coins that you’d get during Chinese New Year or mama shop chocolate wafers. It tastes super rich and dark, and almost has a sticky texture. Would go for it if you like really thick chocolate.

Tiong Bahru Bakery honestly isn’t my favourite place because I feel like their bakes are always a bit soggy and never really taste that fresh. But this green tea croissant was decent. I liked the earthy matcha almond paste, even though the croissant was as expected, soggy. It’s kind of a pity that their bakes can’t retain their texture.

Even though Jin Jin is known for their chendol, I surprisingly liked the gangster ice better! They totally didn’t skimp on the massive ball of durian maoshanwang pulp on top, which made the ice really creamy when mixed in, and it actually went quite well with mango. The funny thing is why it’s named gangster ice - because it’s 榴(莲)芒(果)冰 in Chinese, so it’s basically 流氓冰. Hope you cracked up, my mum definitely did!

Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts seems to always have a queue, probably because of how generous they are with the ingredients for the cheap price! The chendol is covered with their thick, gloopy gula melaka syrup (almost like a toffee syrup) that’s quite strongly flavoured. For $2, there’s a generous amount of green pandan jelly and beans swimming in the coconut milk.

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