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Can’t emphasise enough how much I love Tom’s Palette’s innovative flavours. They have the coolest flavours like parmesan cheese and cream crackers (tastes more like cream cheese though), salted egg yolk (100% like the salted egg yolk in a mooncake) and other flavours that weren’t available when I went but sound very interesting, like white chocolate nori, and chee cheong fan.

I went for the following flavours: chocolate stout (alcoholic), yuzu, chai, and mocha macnut. My favourites were the chocolate stout and chai. The chocolate stout flavour tastes so alike to Royce’s alcoholic nama chocolates- the chocolate flavour is so rich and there’s a tinge of the stout which adds a bit of bitterness. There also isn’t an overwhelming alcoholic kick, so even if you don’t drink, it’s still very enjoyable. The chai flavour is really strong tasting, with a real spicy kick from the masala at the end. The yuzu flavour was not bad and tasted like a slightly creamy yuzu, although I felt that I could have been more sour, but that’s my personal preference. The mocha macnut was the least remarkable for me, but it had a decent coffee taste.

Apart from the funky flavours, the texture of the ice cream was also great- not icy and not overly creamy too. Totally gonna use up all my #burpplebeyond deals here. Plus, the location is quite convenient as it’s located in Shaw Towers, which is just a short walk from Esplanade mrt. I highly recommend the chocolate stout flavour!! Also, they have new flavours coming out all the time, so I’m definitely going to pay a visit soon to try their kueh bangit and kueh dadar flavours that they’ve developed for National Day.

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The warabi mochi from 108 Matcha Saro is probably the best I’ve tried in Singapore! It’s $12.90 for 24 pieces, and you can get them coated with matcha powder or kinako (roasted soyabean) powder. Of the two, I preferred kinako because of the nuttier and toastier flavour. The texture of the warabi is amazing- it’s so soft and melts in your mouth as you chew it. They make the warabi by hand in batches, so it was a bit of a wait, but totally worth it bc it’s so fresh. Really recommend this!!

Tried the soft serve from the newly opened specialty Hokkaido matcha shop at Suntec City’s west wing, which seems to have quite a few new food places too. The soft serve is much thicker in consistency than I expected and is very rich tasting, so it’s probably not the kind of dessert to have after a filling meal. It’s not that sweet too, particularly compared to other similar matcha soft serve places, and actually tastes a faint bit salty to me, weirdly enough. You can choose either matcha sauce or brown sugar sauce to top off the ice cream. Of the two, I preferred the brown sugar sauce more.

For the soft serves, even though I normally like hojicha more, the matcha was surprisingly better to me. It was more bitter and felt more well balanced compared to the hojicha. To try both and see which you prefer, you can get the mixed soft serve option. Each soft serve costs $4.90 each, but they’re having a 1 for 1 opening promotion on soft serves this weekend! (You have to brave the queue though.) Not sure if I’d try this again though, because the soft serve is a bit thick for my liking, but I could see why people would like this.

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Merely ice cream has a good mix of regular, normal flavours like vanilla and chocolate, and more premium ones like hojicha, matcha (made with matcha powder from Matchaya) and Hokkaido fresh milk. The ice cream tasted a bit icy when we tried it though, so it’s quite a pity.

Of the two flavours, I enjoyed the hojicha one more. It’s milkier than I would have liked, but you could still taste the roasted flavour and there were specks of tea leaves inside too. The Hokkaido fresh milk tasted milder in comparison and more icy than creamy, so it wasn’t that nice. Service here was also quite nonchalant, so I would probably only come again if I passed by.

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After failing to get the fresh milk flavour at the City Square mall outlet, I managed to get it at this branch! They have less flavours here, compared to the City Square outlet which has four. The flavours here are fresh milk and red wine, which doesn’t have actual alcohol inside and tastes a bit like grapes with only a slight tinge of wine flavour.

The milk soft serve is quite mild tasting and not very sweet, so you can really taste the milk. It isn’t very creamy though (at least less than the matcha flavour I tried at the City Square outlet), so you can easily finish it. Overall it was kinda average. I prefer the slightly thicker matcha more than this, and the soft serves here don’t come with cute teddy bear biscuits unlike the other outlet! This is good for a light dessert though.

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This creme brûlée soft serve came with a layer of custard and torched sugar over the matcha soft serve. You can choose between a couple of flavours. Wanted milk flavour but it was unfortunately not available that day. I quite liked the custard layer because it was creamy and not too sweet. This is probably more of a novelty to get at $8 though. Thankfully got it for $4 with burpple beyond, or not sure if I’d get it otherwise.

💸 Feel free to use my code ELIZ093 for 20% off the all day annual plan!

Got this soft serve with a 1 for 1 thanks to burpple beyond! The pink one is their apple flavour, which tastes a bit more like a sorbet, but it was enjoyable. I liked that it tasted lighter and quite like real apple juice. The green one is their matcha flavour, which is creamier and has a milder matcha taste. It’s also not too sweet, which was nice. The teddy bear biscuits were a cute touch. It’s quite pricy without the discount though!


Was a bit put off by Nesuto’s matcha Le Omm cake before because of how one-dimensionally soft it was, but this Yuzu Raspberry cake that I got for my birthday has redeemed Nesuto in my eyes! I loved the raspberry jam and especially the yuzu meringue mousse in between the layers of vanilla sponge (which could be softer, it tasted a little rough). It was tart, and a really good combination! Just wished that the outer pink frosting could have been flavoured with yuzu or raspberry instead of merely being regular coloured buttercream.

Daily scoop is one of my fav ice cream places, I confess, because I love having bits and pieces in my ice cream, and they offer a junior scoop for $2.50, which is great because I love ice cream but I can’t really eat that much.

Salted Mr Brown (and their mint chocolate) is one of my fav flavours because of the chunks of brownies inside and how well balanced it is despite being salty. I’m not even a caramel type of person, but their salted caramel’s really different and I love it. I’d say skip the waffles though.

This was unfortunately the most disappointing cheesecake I’ve ever had. It’s inspired by the Indonesian dessert Martabak, with murtabak cheese swirls on top of cream cheese, whipped cream, and a sponge cake base. Sadly, the cheesecake tasted really icy when I collected it, and when defrosted, tasted way too creamy. I also didn’t like the cheese swirls on top which were too salty and frankly put me off.

Their cheese tart was unfortunately much more ordinary tasting to me. They use a mix of mascarpone and cream cheese, and the cheese texture is a bit thick, but not really anything special. Felt like it could have done with a touch of lemon juice to spice things up. It’s not bad, it was just kinda normal.

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This tart came with a rich Iranian pistachio frangipane filling with pistachio cream. I’m a huge fan of frangipane, and this one had small chunks of pistachio inside, so this was really delicious and fragrant. Reminded me of Italian gelato in tart form, which is the highest of complements!

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