These handcrafted Cantonese dim sum dishes showcases the chef’s modern interpretation to these classics by using nutritious ingredients such as avocado and banana in the Deep-fried Vermicelli Prawn Roll with Avocado ($3.50) and Scallop with Banana Dumpling ($4). A unique take to the regular siew mai is the Steamed Crab Meat Siew Mai with Chinese Sausage ($4) which incorporates glutinous rice as the base, and the Deep Fried Chinese Chives Iberico Pork Glutinous Dumpling ($3) that has a chewy texture while hidden beneath it is a meat filling made from iberico pork. End the meal on a sweet note with the Purple Sweet Potato Custard Layer Cake ($2.50) and Chilled Red Bean with Coconut Cheese Cake ($10).
✨ Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
📍 320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865
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