Mikuni is one of the few authentic jap restaurants that I acknowledge in sg. 2 pcs of fatty tuna sushi (otoro) will set you back by about $45. But if u have the the Farcard, it's 50% off total bill if 2 people dine in. The standard of the otoro is as close as you can get from the freshest catch at Tsujiki market! The sashimi is really marbled the way otoro should be! 日式料理怎能少得了Mikuni 這家的肥金槍魚壽司太讚了! 生魚片最講究的就是新鮮. 由於新加坡天氣溫度的關係, 很難保持生魚片的新鮮度. 這家辦到了 讚! 👍🏼