My Malaysian friend insisted that this is Kueh Tutu. So I decided to drive all the way to Haig Road Food Market to get the original Putu Piring to convince her it is different.

First of all, the flour has gula Melaka wrapped in it and steamed. Kueh Tutu has peanut and coconut fillings wrapped. Putu Piring is served on a bed of desiccated coconut, albeit like Kueh Tutu, with a piece of pandan leave.

If you must relate Putu Piring to some other food, Putu Mayam comes to mind.

Back to the Haig Road Putu Piring. I came in the afternoon and instead of freshly steamed piring, I got 5 pieces per-packed in a paper wrapper. I ate them immediately and the kueh was somewhere between hot and lukewarm. The flour crumbled badly and it was too try to pick up the desiccated coconut.

The gula melaka was nice with strong tones of sweet caramel. But I agreed with my Malaysian friend - let’s stay with Kueh Tutu.