I was really blown away by the scenic view of the lush greenery right in front of me, because the golf course was relatively serene and calming. But most importantly, people who drive should come down to The Canopy at least once for the view and the breeze.

The restaurant served quite a variety of cuisines, but I was adventurous enough to ditch their local delights menu for a Teishoku set. The Gyuniku Shougayaki was affordably priced at S$17.90, and comprised a number of items, including Chawanmushi, salad, two appetiser side dishes, soup, rice and the plate of beef. The star of the show was very thinly sliced, and thus when paired with the rice, it actually was easy to chew and swallow. If only the sauce had not emphasised so much of Teriyaki sauce and perhaps paid more attention to make it a bit more gingerly, I could have said that this would be the main reason why I would return next time for more.

Since I was already here, why not just spend a few more moments to sip a bowl of their Iced Cheng Teng too? That dessert was not too sweet, and definitely not easily forgettable.