When you have eaten their signature "G Spot" so many times, it is time for a change. And this cake called "Tropical" (S$8.50) is quite an exotic one. On top of the butter crumble base sits a thin slice of coconut sponge cake, pressed by a thick "donut" mousse of passion fruit and mango mix. The moment when you take a bit of the yellow mousse, you will taste a rush of that distinct passion fruit taste and a mild lingering mango aftertaste. The core of the mousse holds banana marmalade, which is on a sweeter note. I suppose the coconut chantilly at the top of the cake is meant to smoothen out the sourness of the mousse. Putting everything together, do try to eat the cake in a fixed direction, for attacking inwards will mean that you conquer all the sour and end with eating all the sweet.