Superb food and service, with Jiangnan ambience setting.

花雕竹林鸡 (Rmb88, Sgd17.50) Farm chicken cooked in Hua-diao chinese wine. We are lucky as we manage to get the last serving of the day, despite another table is vying with us.

东家葱香芋头 (Rmb58, Sgd11.50); Claypot yam slices with spring onion, soft texture, almost like mashed yam.

煎酿藕饼 (Rmb58, Sgd11.50); Lotus roots with meat sandwiched in between. Crunchy and appetising.

江南盐水鸭 (Rmb38, Sgd7.50); Nanjing Salted Duck, a fantastic starter dish.

东家小炒(Rmb29, Sgd 6); Beancurd skin fried with minced pork. Perfect to go along with rice.

芝士莓干菜 (Rmb33, Sgd6.50); Cheese with preserved mustard greens. Interesting dish, but I personally don't like it.
📍Shao Dong Jia 邵东家, Shimao Plaza Level 4 located at People's Square.