One thing that was really cool about Kajiken’s concept was that they offered a free upsize of the noodles, which meant that one could have a more filling meal without burning a hole in their pocket (but of course their hard-boiled eggs would be the low-carb option).

Apart from that, the Hokkaido Mazesoba (S$17.30) also included minced salmon, cod roe, and a small slice of butter to enhance the savoury aspect of the dish. Sadly, today’s turn-off was the overly-pungent bamboo shoots that reminded me of a less-than fresh sea urchin, making it somewhat agonising to eat on every time I chewed on some.

Neglecting the unsatisfactory parts of this meal, it was still a pretty filling meal, just that I was determined to get a dessert or drink (read: bubble tea) to cleanse my palate.