Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture by having some poké for lunch when you are in the CBD area. Poké is a dish that contains fresh raw seafood, cuts of Ahi Tuna or Salmon in this case, that has been flavoured with spices and paired with other ingredients such as salad, rice and other foods.

My Poké bowl is the Standard Nalu ($15.90), which comes with 2 scoops 150g of poke which I got a mixture of the Wasabi Mayo Ahi Tuna and Original Salmon. It also comes with a base of white and brown rice, two add-ons which I got the grapes and flying fish roe. In addition, you get to choose a serving of superfood which I chose the pomegranate to go into the mix. A colourful, refreshing and healthy lunch that has cement its place as one of our go-to places for lunch in future, if we are feeling healthy.

Aloha Poké
Address: 92, Amoy Street, Singapore 069911