Had been eyeing on the omakase croissant box by @sugarthieves.co for the longest time ever as I am always awed by the creativity they inject into the croissant flavours and of course, the surprise element. Thanks to the boyf who protected my croissants with his life while running in the downpour. 😝

In my croissant box last week, there were:

πŸ₯ Truffle. Twice-baked croissant with truffled mushroom pate filled within, exuding the strong truffle aroma, topped with shaved cheese and parsley.

πŸ₯ Spring onion. No θ”₯ζ²Ήι€… in Taiwan? This Taiwanese spring onion flavour is sure to bring you through a space travel as if you were having the real thing in Taiwan. However, for those who dislike spring onion, the alliaceous aroma here is unusually strong with the extra spring onion and sour cream. Beware!

πŸ₯ Apple Crumble. Felt Christmasy with this twice-baked croissant filled with almond cream, cinnamon apples, cream cheese, finished with crumble. Sweetness level right on point.

πŸ₯ 70% dark chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers rejoice! With a dark chocolate coating and dark chocolate cream injected filling, it’s nothing less than an indulgence!

πŸ₯ Berry cheesecake. Filled with homecooked berries jam and topped with cheesecake cream, I honestly felt like I was really eating a slice of berry cheesecake.

While the boyf felt that the flavours had overshadowed the butteriness of a croissant, all I had to say was just take my calories already! Besides, the petite size was perfect for an afternoon tea. Check out their IG page for order and delivery.