Japan Gourmet Hall SORA has been in business since November last year, and there were some hits and some misses, depicted from the modification of the menu from some of the 6 stalls here, or otherwise the change in pricing for some more (or less) popular items in the house.

A bowl of Tendon Kohaku (S$17.70) was just what I needed after arriving at Singapore from overseas, because a very small bed of rice was literally buried under an array of tempura items, including sliced chicken, squid, crabstick, pumpkin, long beans, shiitake mushroom and two big prawns. It was literally an overdose of tempura that was big in variety until the small bowl was necessary in holding all of them, so that I could see the rice at the base.

Unlike the long queue that most would encounter at Suntec City, this one over at SORA would pass you a buzzer, and you could just wait by your seat until my food was ready for collection. Most would probably be pleased to learn that all prices were nett, and no additional taxes to be charged at exit.

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