The Summer Eel Fiesta, that will be available from now till 14 August, features live eels that are prepared in various renditions such as wok fried, braised and grilled.

Starting off with the Grilled Eel with Honey Glaze ($39.80) that has been grilled to golden brown with a crispy skin is the perfect opener to the fiesta before diving straight into the Braised Eel with BBQ Sauce in Claypot ($36.80) that is cooked with shiitake mushrooms, onions and bell peppers in a smokey sauce that is calling out for some rice to go with it.

The other two eel dishes include the Wok-Tossed Eel with Chives Flower ($38.80) in a fermented soybean paste sauce and Steamed Eel with Fragrant Soybean Crisps ($40.80), eel steamed in superior soy sauce and topped with a layer of fried soybean crisps. In fact, each of the eel dish is so moreish that you will want a bowl of rice to accompany it. The other Joyden signatures include the Signature ‘Moonlight’ Rice Vermicelli with Egg White and Scallop ($22), Fish Maw and Tiger Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce ($22) and the Chargrilled Mandarin Peel Pork Ribs ($20).
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