This stall in Clement 448 Market and FC always has a long queue during peak hours. The reason is quite plain because they have one of the best wok heat for their Hor Fun. The smokiness comes across as soon as you are served.

I ordered their beef Hor Fun ($5) and asked to add green chilli. The rice noodles were well fried with soya sauce, each strand coated evenly, a joy with every bite. The beef was marinated with soya and oyster sauce before frying. They were very tender and owner was generous with the amount. I counted 9 pieces in total. The green chilli were piquant but didn’t pack enough heat. It did complete the taste of the noodles, savoury and sour.

Must come back to try the other items in their menu, seafood, sliced fish, or change the hor fun to rice or Mui Fun.