Ever tasted some really delicious Okonomiyaki on board ANA’s long-haul business class? I haven’t, but I need not. I can enjoy the Osaka delicacy from Tsuruhashi Fugetsu, one of six restaurants in SORA that sells Japanese savoury pancakes made with noodles, cabbage and other fresh ingredients.

The Yaki Soba (S$13.00) was served hot after being cooked on the hot plate, so its “wok hei” (Japanese style) coats the exterior of the wheat noodles. However, I’ll give up my money for their Mix Modan (S$22.00) which also includes battered meat and seafood, Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise and garnished with bonito flakes. The richness in taste makes it an ideal comfort food, so much so that I can eat one by myself. Otherwise, no harm sharing the love with someone, so that I won’t feel too sick of the richness. (Spoiler: Confirm better than what you get in Takashimaya Food Hall.)