Stepping in at 745pm, FLNT was rather dimly lit to showcase our little red dot’s sky line beautifully. Besides the ambience, the fusion Japanese dishes were nice.
We started off with the satsumaimo hummus that incorporates sweet potato and hints of curry. A way finer version of the usual chickpea hummus I was familiar with, spectacular with the crispy fried taco chips.
Then a straightforward choice between 2 tasting menus with only the mains differing - either wagyu sirloin or lamb, we choose the former.
First you are greeted with a dramatic display of dry ice mist that clouds the fresh sashimi slices. Then an array of appetisers (octopus ceviche, Uni tomorokoshi) which mum noted had a lot of corn -“the chef must love corn” and so do we.

As mains the well prepared premium fish and meat were nothing to complain about, good on their own but further complemented with side sauces. To fill you up you get fatty tuna and sushi rice to end your savoury meal. Lastly for dessert, the shiso ice cream felt more like a palate cleanser with grainy matcha crumbs.

Overall, FLNT’s a place to wind down in a cosy but lavish setting.