1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

It was a pleasant surprise to find a Burpple Beyond merchant at an industrial area in Woodlands, with a comfortable and spacious setting to chill in. It was also encouraging to see that the people behind this relatively new (opened since June this year) were a group of young people, who emphasize on their fruit quality a lot.

The burpple beyond deals consist of a dessert and a drink, and you can choose almost everything on the menu. Be sure to check with them before ordering! While the choice of Mao Shan Wang mousse with biscoff sounded really tempting, being the conventional me still went with the pure Mao Shan Wang mousse. I could only describe the entire bowl of mousse as gao, nothing short of the creamy and rich consistency as you could see, although I kind of feel there might be durian flavour added to the mousse itself as it reminded me of the factory-made durian paste wrapped in a roll. They were very generous with the scoop of creamy durian flesh topped above the mousse! By the time I finished the entire bowl, my mouth reeked full of durian pungency the whole night. It was satisfying, except the ice chunks found in the mousse.

We had choices of fruit juices too and the husband felt that the coconut drink was overly sour. Commendable service as they replaced a cup and assured us that it was freshly juiced.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we had our durian cravings satisfied with 2 dessert sets at the price of 1!