I find a lot of joy when I bring loved ones to a favourite place and they love it them same.
Today I introduce mum to my current favourite sourdough pizza with stracciatella cheese. She was sold at first bite.
She also requested for a vegetarian meal so we opted for the grilled veggies which has green leafy (aka more nutritious) kale and broccolini, a mushroom steak and this ingenious bbq beetroot sauce. Also a sharing platter of avocado cream, pumpkin hummus, seeds praline served with pita bread and the marinated olives. We cannot bear to waste any bread here and the olives are divine. I tell her she needs to try the sourdough karaage next time.
I was glad the dinner had mum nodding in unanimous approval and she says she will bring the men, relishing in their EPL match and instant noodles at home, here soon.

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