From the same folks who brought us Yoogane, Andong Zzimdak at Raffles City's basement specialises in Korean stews. You might be tempted to order the Mini Seafood Pancake ($9.90), but it might be wise to opt for the Chicken Karage ($9.90) instead and share these light and crisp nibbles and leave precious stomach space for the hearty stews. Then, dive into the ginormous portion of Andong Jjimdak (small $45.90, large $55.90), a mildly spicy chicken stew with a soy-based sauce that originates from the Andong province of South Korea, and brims with carrots, potatoes and translucent, chewy sweet potato noodles. This is the kind of soulful food that is best shared among a small group of friends — you'll definitely leave with full, warm, happy bellies.