Launched in March is the Korean Dacquoise, the newest Korean dessert trend, which is made up of a sponge-like biscuit dessert made from almond meringue layers that are filled with flavoured cream. Known as the sister of macarons, the Dacquoise is less sweet but made with the same ingredients and preparation methods. They come in a box of 6pcs ($15.80) or 12pcs ($30.80) with flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, yuzu, sesame, pistachio and hojicha.

Haengbok Cakeyo is known for their Fatfatcarons aka Korean Fat Macarons and bento cakes with unique flavours such as Ondeh Ondeh, Double Citron, Raspberry Pistachio, and the Savoury Garlic Ham & Cheese, which you can get in a set of 4 pcs at $19.80. in addition, Haengbok Cakeyo has Korean bento cakes that you can get in flavous such as Milo Dinosaur Mini Chiffon Cake ($9.80) and Yuzu Mini Chiffon Cake ($9.80).

In celebration of Haengbok Cakeyo’s first anniversary in the month of April and the launch of the Dacquoise, the store will be giving away a set of 6pcs Korean Dacquoise with a minimum spending of $30 on their online store (link below) from March 14 to April 10.
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