By “double”, the waitress clarified that it referred to the same regular portion of rice, but with an additional portion of their grilled eel.

As many would vouch for their affordable price of S$19.80, the Double Hitsumabushi was Ramen Champion’s version of a Unagi meal, with succulent eel meat grilled carefully by their chef behind a glass window, and then dipped into the Unagi sauce before a final grill. The usual condiments, including bottles of Unagi sauce and spice powder on the table, added more layers of flavour to this delight.

On the other hand, I did not favour their slightly marshy rice and the lack of smokiness and crisp of the star of the dish, the latter perhaps a result of insufficient grilling over a flame which I thought lacked strength. I did wish for a richer Dashi stock for the pour-over, but that loss of flavour might be compensated with the condiments served alongside.

I would be convinced that Una Una was a place for entry-level Hitsumabushi for those who loved to “eat snake”. Perhaps some of the existing eel specialty restaurants had already raised the bar quite high, that the best reason to come back here for this dish was simply for wallet-friendly Unagi, with other expectations marked down.