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Traditionally, soft serve ice cream sundaes would go best with thick chocolate fudge. Bubble tea lovers would probably substitute the sauce with tapioca pearls, but the conventional pearls were chewy with little value-add to the taste.

Now, with the tapioca pearls cooked in brown sugar syrup, adding them into a cup of ice cream could easily make a bubble tea lover jump in joy. HEYTEA, other than selling their extensive menu of tea and other beverages, also offered this regular cup of Bobo Ice Cream at S$4.50. The base, because of its composition to become a soft-serve, was meant to be super creamy, so it’s like enjoying a cup of bubble tea in the form of ice cream.

As it was expected to be really sweet, just be prepared to reach out for some water or their Pure Tea selections with the least sugar to wash down the sugar rush.