This place had been here in Far East Plaza like forever. The queue is still just as bad as I remembered from way back. So come early.

We ordered their house specialty Salted Egg Pork Ribs with Rice and Teochew Fried Hor Fun. The salted eggs ribs are very tender, with a not too strong salted eggs taste. You can add a fried egg and have runny yolk together with each mouthful of rice. Yummy.

The Teochew Hor Fun is the type fried with Chai Poh, prawns, sotong and eggs as opposed the usual Seafood Hor Fun with gravy. The Chai Poh was crunchy and the Hor Fun came across with strong Wok Hei. I think this is the second stall I have eaten this dish in Singapore.

Will be back to try their La La and other stuff.