Be prepared to queue for at least half an hour especially during meal times for these unique muffins that taste nothing like the usual ones! It was very nice of the owners to give out free samplers while customers queue.

Feel free to ask for recommendations from the friendly owner who allows trying especially if it’s your first time. I asked for an assortment and here’s what I got: Oreo, chocolate, cranberry, orange peel and a special savoury flavour - fermented beancurd. As the uncle described, it’s for adventurous eaters of a higher level. Personally not a fan, but I could really taste the fermented saltiness with a touch of spice. I was also given a free orange peel muffin! Would have loved to try their popular banana muffin which was sold out way earlier.

There’s no defining muffin shape, hence the name uggli. While some might find it odd, I personally enjoyed the crispy surface and edges and the moist fluffy interior.