Munch Munch Munchies

Munch Munch Munchies

For light bites, snacks or sides before mains
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

The defunct CMC or YY Kafei Dian usually comes to my mind when I am craving for Kaya toast. Until lately when I got to try the hainanese toast at @thehainanstory, apart from the newspaper hainanese curry rice that they are also famous for.

Not so much of the toast, in fact, the firm bite was something that I didn’t really prefer although it was quite fluffy. It comes across dry. It was the homemade Gula Melaka Kaya that stood out; the earthy smokiness of gula melaka was distinct, while complementing the deep caramelised, butterscotch taste. Definitely a good match to the thick slab of oily butter. Comes with soft-boiled eggs, sachets of pepper and soy sauce and a big cup of hot beverage. In our case, a gao yuan yang.

Tucked away in a coffeeshop in the Bukit Batok neighborhood, @bestin_sg is your wallet-friendly western good stall with a touch of fusion element on the menu.

As a snack priced at $5.50, we thought the pulled pork cheese fries was probably good for 2 to share since we had only a main. But look at the portion, what a wishful thinking. 😂 It was, in fact, good for 3-4 people to share! Not only were they generous with the shoestring fries, but there were also substantial chunks of tender pulled pork loaded on the nacho cheese and mayonnaise-drizzled fries. While the pork wasn’t heavily marinated, its savory, smoky flavours rounded off the cheesiness nicely. Gotta eat it quick before it turns soggy with the amount of sauces! Sinful, or not?

Intrigued by the name Tufei chicken, we decided to give this a try. Unfortunately, it was nothing too extraordinary except that the mid wings were marinated with some spices such as black pepper and sprinkled with some black sesame seeds. While the wings were rather juicy, but it would be difficult to justify them at this price point.

Pretty mild taste of the sliced pork belly, feels like they were simply doused in dark soya sauce and sesame oil. The proportion of mashed garlic to the amount of pork belly slices was also not right; the dollop of mashed garlic was too much for the pork belly, hence the entire appetizer was full of garlic pungency, overshadowing any other taste that was supposedly present.

Nope, not worth it all sadly. Despite being deep fried till golden brown, we were really disappointed by the amount of Mentaiko sauce given. Some cubes didn’t even have enough of it. It also appeared like the torching was hastily done, because of the uneven charred edges. Really not worth the price.

We also had the chicken karaage as it seemed to be popular among diners there. The batter was thin and crispy, while the chicken meat was really juicy. Doesn’t appear much like the usual chicken karaage, but more like chicken nuggets. Can’t really go wrong with their umami, creamy Mentaiko sauce!

I was spoilt for choice by their variety of cruffin flavours. As we cut open the cruffin, the homemade caramel walnut filling of a thick consistency started oozing out quickly. Not cloyingly sweet, but also resembled butterscotch minus the walnut. Instead, the only nuttiness that I tasted was from the pistachio bits sprinkled above. Overall pretty average, with a saltiness stronger than the sweetness.

How rare it is to see ice plant being served in restaurant s locally! The crystalline ice plant is easily recognised by the tiny droplets on its stems and sides of the leaves. Unlike some other greens used in salads that have strong taste, ice plant has only a slight natural saltiness and is very much crunchy. Tossed in kalamansi juice, dried shrimp & shallot grapeseed oil, the ice plant here makes the perfect appetiser with a citrusy freshness and a fragrant aroma from the shallots.

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For someone who doesn’t like eggplant, I was honestly not looking forward to this burnt eggplant dip as I thought it might be rather earthy and perhaps still slightly mushy. Fortunately, there wasn’t any strong taste of eggplant. Instead, the dip illustrated some flavor complexity in here alongside some smokiness, thanks to the torching of the eggplant. Interestingly, the tomato and onion relish added some tang and pungency, akin to salsa. While the curry spiced papadums were not made in house, the crisp and the spicy seasoning proved to be addictive as we requested for refill time and again.

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A refreshing appetizer to start off the night. But if you are thinking the hawker dish Rojak with prawn paste, this is not quite it. In fact, the crispy pie tee shells were filled with some toasted jicama, pineapple chutney, tamarind and peanuts. The sweet and sour combination with the crunchiness of the jicama and peanuts reminded me instead of popiah. Finish this in a bite and you will be looking forward to what’s to be served next.

Other than their popular sliders, you should also try the sides at Cult sliders such as the cult fries. Essentially like a deconstructed fried chicken burger except for the fact that it comes in fries. You get a considerable portion of loaded fries drizzled with spicy buffalo sauce, sliced fried chicken and caramelized onions. My mind was confused for a while because there was just so much going on! Definitely a side worth sharing.


One appetizer that was recommended to us was the truffle fries. Crispy golden shoestring fries with sprinkled parmigiana reggiano shavings, truffle bits and served alongside truffle aioli. Was a little disappointed that the truffle taste didn’t really come through even with the truffle bits but the truffle aioli made up for that, which had an earthy pungency to it.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @hattendo_singapore for the hosting! Pipes by Hattendo is a Burpple Beyond partner where you can also enjoy some awesome 1-for-1 main dish deals like the Pipe Grain Bowls, Wheat plates and tamago burger.


Foodie for life <3

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