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Munch Munch Munchies

Munch Munch Munchies

For light bites, snacks or sides before mains
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~
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Start the day off with a hefty breakfast bagel at @twomenbagelhouse. Whammer, a classic combo of bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, smoked aioli, can’t possibly go wrong. Just look at that mesmerizing cheese pull. 😍 Paired this with the (sea) salted bagel as recommended, but it was too much of a sodium bomb since the fillings were already quite salty and there were large salt crystals on the bagel. Wouldn’t mind the overall smokiness but I would probably pair it with a seeded bagel the next time.

Nice chilling place but note the limited seating area that could get scorching hot in the afternoon.

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The local traditional bakery scene is depleting with many of such old school bakeries closing down gradually. Love confectionery is one of those that’s still going strong and yes, their bakes are simple, classic, but the taste is here to leave an impression.

Even trying to pick up these slices of sponge cake from the tray was a problem as they were so soft and toppled easily. If you really encounter difficulty, the baker uncle would gladly help you with it. The interior was a little on the dry side, although there were 2 layers of fresh cream sandwiched in between. Each cake slice is topped with a thick layer of cream and topping. But the choice of toppings were of much nostalgia, such as the rainbow rice, chocolate rice and grounded peanut that evoked childhood memories. Especially the grounded peanut of a fragrant nuttiness.

Home to the first salted egg yolk croissant in Singapore, Flavour Flings expanded the number of salted egg yolk items on the menu that includes a raclettesant with added raclette cheese on this croissant, but I would still go for this classic rendition.

Buttery and flaky, the salted egg yolk croissant had nothing but a copious amount of oozy salted egg sauce. Since this was supposed to be a sweet item, it helps as the sweet salted egg filling was slightly more milky, custardy like that of a Liu sha bun. Not that I was expecting one with chili padi and curry leaves, but the thick filling could be made even better if it had a grainy texture.


According to chef, this is one popular dish that people return for. When asked about the reason for the name of this appetizer, chef shared that it’s actually a popular Thai street food and the story goes as a mother served deep-fried eggs to her son-in-law as a reminder/warning to treat her daughter well, or his valuable bits would be in danger.

Hard boiled eggs are first cooked with a precise timing such that the yolks are still runny like the ones in soft boiled eggs, and subsequently deep fried till the exterior crisp up, just like those of fried fish balls. Served with Mama’s signature chili jam, star of the dish. Processed over 8 hours, the chili jam is a creation based on sambal, less spicy but sweeter as palm sugar is used, and has a jammy texture. Caters well to those who can’t take spicy stuff, but I would have preferred the actual sambal.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!


One of my favourite dishes served last night at @mamasoisg. Tossed in Himalayan sea salt and Sichuan pepper, the wings were actually not too numbing on lips (Kudos to Chef for his wise choice!) but rather appetizing. The Asian element was displayed through the coconut milk marination that imparted a delicate creaminess. Say yes to crispy chicken wing batter. •
Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for hosting!


I have always been curious about how this would taste like after reading about the hype of a similar milo-coated chicken strips launched by myBurgerLab in Malaysia last year.

This creation by @flavourflings might seem bizarre but it was surprisingly tasty. Crispy chicken chunks drizzled with condensed milk and coated generously with milo powder. You could probably imagine how sweet it was, but there’s a choice of nacho cheese sauce or sambal belacan mayonnaise. The sambal belacan was just a tinge of spiciness in a strong, tangy mayonnaise, resulting in a complex overall flavour. I am not exactly a Milo lover, but I enjoyed it on its own without any dip. Taste wise, it was worth traveling all the way from the west for this! Price wise, perhaps it’s a little pricey for an appetizer like this.

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What’s a Vietnamese meal without some spring rolls! Hidden within the crispy brown batter was a filling of an interesting texture; tender, moist but not crunchy. My curiosity was piqued, which had me cracking the secret code from the staff.

So the spring roll filling was actually made of pork, carrot, radish, yam and some Vietnamese spices. That explains the tenderness of the mushy pork meat though I couldn’t really taste the carrot and radish. Dip the spring roll in the fish sauce with chili padi helped for an additional kick of spicy, savoury flavour.

One point worth commending was that initially we were served some burnt spring rolls by the new staff but was noticed by a senior staff and she took the initiative to change the entire plate for us. She was also open to feedback. Great service!

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The local breakfast seems to be becoming a popular flavour recently, from kit kat chocolate bars to this newly launched Kaya butter puff from Old Chang Kee. While I heard that the puff had quite a substantial amount of filling at other outlets, the one that I got here was pretty hollow and probably only half-filled. I would assume it’s due to quality differences. Honestly, the Kaya and butter filling was nothing special and felt like mass produced ones. Thankfully, the puff crust salvaged the snack. Shaped rectangularly unlike the normal curry puff, it felt satisfying to have a buttery puff crust crumble with each bite.

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While there are reviews on Hokkien Mee, Rojak, Fried Carrot Cake, Nasi Lemak etc easily found when you are searching for recommendations at Whampoa Makan Place, I am actually still drooling over this traditional waffles that I chanced upon there.

The bright green pandan flavouring and coconut milk brought back so much childhood memories and it’s still something I would prefer to the common brown ones nowadays. As oppose to the soft fluffy ones, I like the thickness and crispiness here that probably explains why it’s slightly pricier even for the plain one. It also has good brown slightly charred portions. Flavours include butter, Kaya, chocolate, peanut butter. I wished they had blueberry though. But still, it’s equally delicious as I got the Nutella sauce smeared all over my mouth. 😂 The stall owner was friendly and told me to take a seat while the waffles needed 5 minutes to be prepared. Other popular items from the stall include egg tart.

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One of the two hot food items on the menu, the honey cheese toast offers a slice of nice whole meal toast, topped with melted cheddar and chunks of brie. A small amount of honey is included for drizzling, thick but not too sweet as it seeps into the soft toast. Nothing too out of ordinary though.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for the hosting!


These little sweet treats make good snacks at any time of the day! Think rich and luscious filling oozing out of the tart with each bite off the crispy tart crust.

I like that all the flavours weren’t too sweet in general, and that they had smooth textures. Even for the chocolate that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, whereas the matcha was bittersweet. There’s a local variation of the cheese tart with Kaya infused in the cream cheese. Sweet, smooth and coconut-ty especially with the roasted coconut flakes on top!

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for the hosting!

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I always look forward to the different flavours that Brotherbird come up with for their soft serves and croissants. Don’t expect a super flaky interior of croissants here, because like the name indicates, it’s mochi croissant. Indeed, once bitten in, a consistent chewy mochi pull greets you, yet retaining the airiness and fluffiness of the croissant. The smooth taro filling oozes immediately when the croissant was cut open, yam-my and not overly sweet. Especially when it was warm, the taro really tasted as if it was a real orh nee paste. Heavenly.

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Foodie for life <3

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