I would not have known about this place if not for my colleague who would come here for lunch because parking is free. When I first step into the restaurant, I was surprised to see a very rustic furniture and layout, as though I travelled back to the 1980s.

The food here seems pretty decent, though not much to rave about. Take this Roast Chicken (S$18.80) for example. They serve a quarter of chicken (option of chicken breast or chicken leg) roasted well enough to retain the juice, with simple sides such as boiled carrots, green peas and cut potato fries. It gives an impression that this is some home-cooked food, but I think it's quite acceptable in terms of taste.

Their set lunch for this (S$22.80) comes with a soup of the day with a hot bun, coffee / tea and a dessert.

If I'm looking for a place for quiet lunch, I'll probably come back again.