Paying homage to our local delights but it’s saddening to read about the closure of @nonentree at the end of October this year. What a loss to the cafe/patisserie scene yet again.

Painstaking efforts goes behind creating this dessert. Here’s the decode: Passionfruit “noodles”, coconut “fishball” parfait, Gula Melaka crumble, pineapple crushed ice, red tea jelly, mango fluff and sea coconut. So detailed to the extent that the “noodles” are made to a firm texture, though the coconut parfait was a little dry. Particularly pleased with the remaining toppings for their tropical boost, paired with a hint of smoky sweetness from the Gula Melaka crumble. If you haven’t tried any of the desserts from Non Entrée, it’s time before they shut their doors.