“Putting my money where my mouth is” when I vouched to act on visiting Burpple Tastemaker’s Julius recommendation of this place in the East. I should be as baffled as he was when he found out I had no clue of this place despite being an Eastie for 4 years now... This bread basket was my morning dream come true! An assortment of 4 types of artisan toasts; a top notch croissant with the right layers, flakiness, and an extra buttery dimension. Regarding the former- my bias was towards the wholemeal toast which had a nice cereal-y fragrant without the coarse graining texture you get from other wholemeal toast.
The basket is served with 4 types of Baker & Cook’s in house made jams; of which the lemon curd and raspberry variants were too difficult to resist as I requested for extra portions.