The ideas behind the dishes are conceptualised through a modern and innovative thinking process, to create food with a fusion touch of European and Asian flavours. We were there for the ala carte dinner menu and sampled several of their dishes which we started off with the Tuna Cups ($16) that were a burst of refreshment. These one-biter kueh pie tee cups contain tuna tartare in a tangy spicy Thai dressing and topped with ikura, a perfect marriage of several Asian cultures with European cooking methods. It was followed with the Deep Sea Argentina Prawns ($19) that comes with battered deep fried prawn heads that reminiscent of prawn crackers, over a bed of lobster emulsion and finished with garlic oil.

Perhaps the favourite of the evening is the Seared Scallops Risotto ($26), prepared with kimchi barley risotto and served with seared garlic shoots, pork fat cracker and lardon. The fresh scallops are plump and juicy, perfectly seared with a nice char that complimented with the umami-ness of the accompanying ingredients. The other sharing main that we have gotten is the Thyme Smoked Pork Ribs ($38) which might get a bit too savoury and herby for some, but the overall texture of the Sakura pork ribs is fall off the bones tender. Fortunately, there’s the iberico chorizo chassolet, a bean stew, to cut through the richness if it gets too surfeited.

We ended the meal with the Chocolate Praline Dome ($14), a sweet treat of chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, paired with a black sesame gelato and candied nuts.
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