Bringing the notable Southern staples to Malaysian floors, its impact is made known due to it's previous success with it's central and pioneer branch, Acme Bar and Coffee. However, the menu here almost completely differs to the one in the main outlet, bringing a fresh dining experience to the Bangsar scene. The menu as of now is tentatively rigid and the main choices of meats are the beef ribs and the smoked chicken, served with a uniquely seasoned corn on a cob and another side dish of your selection. Additionally, I ordered the Mac and cheese and hands down it was one of the gooiest around, considering I favor the ways of heavy cookeries, otherwise it might be a little too much than you'd expect, but nevertheless for a mere MYR9, it's pretty worth it. The turtle cheesecake was a slightly more mousses variation of the New York cheesecake, served with whipped cream and an ice cream, it's a sin on all levels of a staunch dieter's scale. All in all, it is what to be expected of a southern dining experience and it definitely did not disappoint me. Maintaining the outdoor area similar to the troika branch, the view of the surrounding nightlife only accentuates the whole experience and with no biased-ness to it's previous success, this is one potential everyone should be wary of.