Definitely, if you are into bar grubs and craft beers. This newly-open bistro has five types of craft beer made by Circa 7 Brewing Co., and each pint goes at either S$14.00 or S$16.00. I tried "Pursuit of Hoppiness IPA" and "Bohemian Pilsner" craft beers, and I have mixed feelings about each of them.

The "Pursuit of Happiness" (S$14.00 per pint) comes across as a typical kind of beer that I reckon with fruity notes and with that smooth and clean finish, but it has this so-called "biscuity malt" aftertaste which I don't exactly enjoy. On the other hand, the "Bohemian Pilsner" (S$12.00 per pint) promises a nice sweetness aftertaste, but has this different kind of smell and initial taste as I took my first gulp. Then again, everyone would have their preference to how their beer should taste like, so even if I prefer the "Pursuit of Happiness", first-timers can consider trying them all for a more personalised preference.

Moving on to the food. The Beef Sliders (S$16.00) comes with three mini-burgers with beef patty, cheese, coleslaw and bacon between the crispy toasted buns. The fries were given with a decent portion, but turned out to be a tad salty. There isn't much of a "wow" factor from it, but given that it went well with the beer, I'm happy enough.