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Oktoberfest All Year Long

Oktoberfest All Year Long

Beer, Sausages and Crispy Pork Knuckles. Some sauerkraut by the side please. Essen.
Siming T
Siming T
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One of the items in the Small Bites menu that was recommended was this Chili Sea Salt Wings (S$14.00 for 6 pieces), which was marinated in coconut milk and seasoned by Sichuan pepper and sea salt, before coated with tapioca flour and deep fried till crispy.

I quite liked this dish because the flavour was neither bland nor intense, which made it score a little better than the typical “har cheong gai” from the Zi Char stalls.

The only drawback about this dish was its price. It was only after appearing in front of my eyes that I realised that the 6 pieces referred to 3 whole wings. Given such a price point of about S$5.00 per wing, I would settle for a burger or pasta anytime, just to be certain that I had indeed eaten something substantial.



Tropical Wheat (S$8.80 per bottle) to counter that tropical heat. This limited edition beer was recommended by the waitress before the beer would be available on tap from 9 May 2019 onwards, at S$16.80 a pint.

The taste profile of the beer was hoppy and citric, with quite a low bitterness and carried some sweetness. It reached a point where I almost thought I was downing a liquified version of a chicken chipolata, or maybe I was just too hungry. But the good news was that given its lightness, I thought it was very easy to drink, with or without food on the table. But I guess the perfect pairing would be with their seasonal white asparagus which would be rolled out any time now.

A main course like this Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle (S$31.90) would be seemingly too large a portion for dinner, but it was worth every cent of it if you were a roasted pork knuckle person like me.

The chef would be more than happy to help you debone the roast for easier consumption, but despite having quite a fine balance of crispiness and tenderness, be prepared to send your jaws for an extensive exercise if you would choose this.

But the goodness did not stop at the meat. Along with the dish also came a generous portion of Sauerkraut, and that really helped to cleanse away the greasiness a fair bit while at the same time also tasted great (one of the best Sauerkrauts I had taken so far). The “ball” that accompanied the dish was a Bavarian bread dumpling, which was also delicious because of its buttery richness, but I came to realisation in the middle of the meal that if I were to empty the plate all by myself, I would probably have a digestion problem.

So the best way to enjoy this meal without fearing of overeating, would probably be to share it with two or more people, so that the other dining buddies would order something “lighter” for everyone to potluck: a food strategy best executed with Burpple Beyond in hand.



All major food centres should have one craft beer stall, and this latest addition at Old Airport Road Food Centre is just what I need. Serving up to 10 types of craft beer on tap and some bottled beers too, 3rd Culture Brewing Co is located at one corner of the iconic food centre and you should pay them a visit if you are there. This is simply because some of the beer actually goes well with our local foodfare.

My India Session Ale by Postmark Brewing, for instance, was priced at S$11.00 per pint, and its light and balanced nature made it an easy pairing with rojak, in my opinion.

And if they charge you an extra dollar, it is just a refundable deposit so long as you return them the beer glass after downing the booze.

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Here for a crazy evening of beer at the “Wiki-Beeria” event, organised by Archipelago Brewery, to celebrate Singapore’s first crowd craft beer.

And the recipe of English Humour was the works of my colleague who is an avid cook. It’s basically a Black Ale “made with 8 different malts and hops, giving a well-balanced bitterness with sweet and biscuity aroma of caramel, on top of a coffee / chocolate sensation”. But if you would ask me, it’s really easy to drink with some notes reminding me of iced lemon tea with coke.

It should be out for a very limited time, until their supply runs out, if it had not already sold out completely.

Among all the handcrafted beer they offered here, I chose a pint of Steam Beer (S$15.00), which has an amber colour, caramel malt flavour, and medium bitterness. Though I must admit that the first sip of it was a little too bitter for me, I actually enjoyed it more towards the halfway mark. As the menu described, it’s possibly the perfect cross between pilsner and pale ale, and it’s pretty much common in California.

Perhaps there is no “live”soccer match telecast shown on TV, and that explains why the restaurant is less than half-filled. However, a pint of beer is still a relaxing way to round up the week.


At a place where you can get a wide variety of bottled beers, it only makes sense for them to sell the totally irresistable roasted pork knuckles.

And they did. The Pork Knuckle they offer here is definitely well-cooked, with its meat soft and tender from the slow roast, to the point that I almost started making my own pulled pork. And you known that they invested a lot of time in their roasting because the bones can be detached by a simple twist-and-pull. The skin was generally crispy, although there are some portions where the skin started to turn a little chewy.

However, I took a bit of time trying to remove the chunks of fats from under the skin. It is indeed visually disturbing, so I’d rather not post it here.

Sadly, I did not like their Sauerkraut that was served with the pork knuckle. It’s a little marshy for me, so I suppose it might not be as freshly-prepared as I had hope it would be.

The S$28.00 portion is good for two to share.


Definitely, if you are into bar grubs and craft beers. This newly-open bistro has five types of craft beer made by Circa 7 Brewing Co., and each pint goes at either S$14.00 or S$16.00. I tried "Pursuit of Hoppiness IPA" and "Bohemian Pilsner" craft beers, and I have mixed feelings about each of them.

The "Pursuit of Happiness" (S$14.00 per pint) comes across as a typical kind of beer that I reckon with fruity notes and with that smooth and clean finish, but it has this so-called "biscuity malt" aftertaste which I don't exactly enjoy. On the other hand, the "Bohemian Pilsner" (S$12.00 per pint) promises a nice sweetness aftertaste, but has this different kind of smell and initial taste as I took my first gulp. Then again, everyone would have their preference to how their beer should taste like, so even if I prefer the "Pursuit of Happiness", first-timers can consider trying them all for a more personalised preference.

Moving on to the food. The Beef Sliders (S$16.00) comes with three mini-burgers with beef patty, cheese, coleslaw and bacon between the crispy toasted buns. The fries were given with a decent portion, but turned out to be a tad salty. There isn't much of a "wow" factor from it, but given that it went well with the beer, I'm happy enough.


While their Monster Green Lager seems to be the perfect drink for the occasion (well, it's green), my friends and I stayed on the safe side and got a RedDot Lime Wheat (right) and English Ale (left). Happy St Patrick's Day!


Werner's Oven and Bakery had moved from their previous location at Siglap to this hidden part of Joo Chiat. Nonetheless, their food still tasted pretty much the same. The Knusperiege Schweinehaxe (S$27.50) pretty much taste the same as before, and is often the dish that I would order when I visit. The crackling of the skin, the tenderness of the meat and the right amount of fat on that knuckle must be downed with their smooth mashed potato and the sauerkraut (fermented cabbage). Don't stop here; go grab a pint of beer from the tap!


First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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