A heartily feminine-portioned beef burger with tortilla chips side and cold lettuce X sliced tomatoes. This won my heart over with its runny sunny side up, juicy beef patty with melted cheese a top, sweetly caramelized onions, a grilled yellow capsicum and homemade burger buns.
The in house made BBQ sauce that I mistaken for a homemade ketchup was also tangy and sweet, corollary to the meaty patty.
Altogether on the burger execution spectrum, this would definitely be in the "better/well" range. While a great lunch option at $12.90, I felt it would especially be well loved by ladies with its portion and flavors. 😬
P.S: if you also love heartily dense bread, do not forget getting your hands on the decadent rye loaves here that could easily fed a family of 4.