1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond!

With the recent rainy season, wouldn’t you crave for some hot piping nourishment? Lao Jiang Superior Soup prides themselves in using fresh, premium ingredients, especially for their traditional soup broth that is slowly boiled using carefully handpicked, fresh ingredients.

Using fresh chicken thigh and chicken essence, the double boiled chicken essence soup is surely packed with nutrients to combat fatigue, strengthen the immune system and boost muscle growth. Meticulously packed in a separate sachet, the chicken essence can be added to the amount of your liking. In fact, what came as a surprise was the gingery soup broth. Some might find it overpowering, but it was actually quite wholesome that I finished my entire bowl. Could imagine the amount of time spent on double boiling the chicken thigh as it was superbly tender. Served with complimentary rice.

Thank you Burpple and Lao Jiang Superior Soup for the Eatup invitation!

You can enjoy 2 sets of superior soup with a drink of choice at the price of 1, thanks to Burpple Beyond!