As I was touring around habitat, it was difficult not to notice that many patrons were enjoying this food that was packed in a humble cardboard box. A closer look revealed that it was the Fish & Chips. And while the Dory version (S$13.50) featured a fillet that took up amost one-third of the whole box, I personally would vouch for the goodness of Snapper (S$16.50) that also came with fries, batter crumbs, homemade tartar sauce, malt vinegar and a wedge of lemon.

Because of the fact that the fish was super fresh, the snapper stayed firm and neither flaky nor marshy. Whether you liked your Fish & Chips with lemon, vinegar or tartar sauce, I personally would say that it was worth the fats and calories. Good for one person for this one; not too sure about the Dory version though (read: itโ€™s huge!).

And donโ€™t forget to pick up some craft beer or curated alcohol to pair with the grub for a perfect meal.