Nowadays there are many Build Your Own(BYO) donburi stall and I decided to order food delivery from this place. (1 Carbo + 1 Vegetable + 1 Add-on + 1 Sauce)

For delivery they only offer Japan rice. So I got that with their Signature Beef Chuck Tender($12.70), Broccoli with Seasoning, Salmon Miso Soup and Mentaiko Sauce.

Their Japan rice is short grain rice with some spring onions, seaweed strips and white sesame seeds.
Their beef was flavourful and not too dry and doused with a slight sweet and savoury sauce.
Broccoli with Seasoning was disappointing. What I got were 2 pieces of broccoli that tasted like they were blanched in water. That's how plain it was. I do feel that they could have given more broccoli.
Salmon Miso Soup consisted of 1 piece of salmon, a slice of tunip, kelp and tofu. Tasted good without being overly salty but I do find the tunip a little weird with the soup and the texture of it was still quite firm, not soft like those you get in stews.
Their Mentaiko Sauce is spicier than what you would usually find. Wouldn't recommend it to people who can't take spicy stuff. Also I felt that the spiciness overpowers the sweet umami-ness of the mentaiko.

Overall it was a good meal and they give a good amount of rice and beef with sides which actually justifies the price that they charge.