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Japanese Food

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Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Came here for lunch!

Got the Wagyu Pizza($32), Hamburg Set($23.80), Striploin Sando($52), Gyu Tongue, Chawamushi($5), Ebi Sando($28).

Wagyu pizza was good. Thinly slice waygu over a crispy base, topped with refreshing ginger flower and drizzled with truffle oil.

Hamburg Set was ok. The salad is your typical vegetable with some kewpie dressing. The meat was not bad. Moist, juicy and soft but wished it was crispy on the outside.

Striploin Sando was good. Perfectly cooked meat with some mustard in between two fluffy yet crispy bread.

Gyu Tongue was a little on the tough side.

Chawamushi was bad. Did not have any dashi taste. Tasted like your regular steamed egg that you can get from a cai fan stall. Totally not worth my $5.

Ebi Sando was not bad. Crispy prawn patty with tartar sauce that reminded me of McDonald's ebi burger.

Overall would recommend the beef but skip the other items.

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Got the Signature Minced Pork Sanshoku Mazesoba which comprises of dried truffle paste, dried shrimp paste, minced meat, spring onion, bamboo shoot, seaweed, onsen egg and ramen.

I mixed the noodles and it was a lovely pairing. You get some of the truffle taste, umami shrimp paste, savoury minced meat, tender bamboo shoots, fresh spring onion and a creamy egg. Ramen was also Al dente. Each element complimented one other. Only downside was the temperature of the dish. It was more towards cold and room temperature as compared to a hot meal.

They also served a bowl of soup which was a little weird as it was very peppery.

I also opted for a bowl of rice at the end so that the left over ingredients would not be wasted. I actually preferred the rice compared to the ramen as the piping hot rice made the dish warm and comforting.

Overall not the best but still good and filling.

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Ordered the beef don ($10.90) with the addition of miso soup, mini salad and chawamushi (+$2).

Miso soup was not bad. Mini salad was refreshing with the roasted sesame dressing. Chawamushi could use more dashi flavour. But for the price paid it was ok.

Beef don was not bad. The portion size was ok. The beef was quite tender but could use more salty-ness.

Overall not too bad.

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Came with my friend for lunch and we ordered the Ox Tongue ($18). The chef first put a slab of butter onto the hot grill before grilling the ox tongue and seasoning with salt. It was tasty and went well with the squeeze of a lemon wedge.

We also ordered the Seafood Monja ($16) with additional cheese ($3) which consisted of squid and shrimp plus the usual Monja batter. I didn't watch how the chef prepared it as I was busy making takoyaki. I only saw the end product which looked like a gooey pancake. Taste wise it was good but lacked crunchiness. However near the end, the bottom of the Monja was crispy which helped elevate the dish.

We also got the DIY takoyaki. The staff set up a small table beside us and brought over the takoyaki equipment with the batter and ingredients. The staff explained to us how to cook the takoyaki step by step which was super helpful.

Overall food was not bad and staff were friendly.

I came here together with my friend for lunch.

Ordered the Pork Cutlet Omelet Curry ($16.90) with level 2 spiciness. The curry was not bad. Spicy enough for me to enjoy the heat. The curry paired well with the silky omelet and perfectly cooked rice. The pork cutlet was not bad, though I wish it was crispier and more tender.

My friend got the Chicken Cutlet Curry ($13.90), standard spiciness with an additional 120g of rice ($1.50) and a boiled egg ($1.10). The chicken cutlet was much better compared to the pork. It was crispy and not too tough.

Overall what I like about this place is the fact that you can customize the amount of rice and spiciness of the curry. However service could use improvement as it did take quite some time before we managed to order our food.

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I was expecting a light cheesecake because of the name but what I received was a not so light, slightly dry c̶h̶e̶e̶s̶e̶cake. The taste of cheese was so minimal that if I didn't know it was a cheesecake I would have assume it was a normal cake.

Honestly not worth the price paid for. For the price I might as well go to giant for a whole cheesecake which IMO taste a lot better.

Their white Taiyaki is actually quite good.

Taiyaki was chewy while the custard filing was creamy, vanilla-y, smooth with the right amount of sweetness. The sweet filing paired well with the plain Taiyaki. A nice dessert snack to have.

Came here with my friend as she wanted me to try their Mazesoba which she highly recommends.

I followed her recommendation and the both of us ordered the Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style. All of their Mazesoba comes with a cup of paitan soup and free noodle upsize.

The Taiwan Mazesoba Nagoya Style consist of ramen topped with minced meat, shredded nori (seaweed), lots of spring onion and a half boiled egg. Ramen was well cooked and did not stick together. Minced meat was juicy, flavourful and slightly spicy. How you eat this Mazesoba is that you mix the noodles and ingredients all together. You can also add a spoonful of vinegar and chilli oil for more kick. What you get is a creamy bowl of ramen goodness.

There's also a cup of paitan soup. It's a thick, cloudy soup that similar to pork broth. My friend says it's like a palate cleanser for you to drink. The soup honestly tasted like an under seasoned chicken broth but the more you drink, the more the flavours get to you.

Also after you've finished your noodles and have some ingredients left over, you can request for free rice. Super worth it for those who have a huge appetite. There's also free flow of cold roasted tea which the servers top-up quite often.

Nowadays there are many Build Your Own(BYO) donburi stall and I decided to order food delivery from this place. (1 Carbo + 1 Vegetable + 1 Add-on + 1 Sauce)

For delivery they only offer Japan rice. So I got that with their Signature Beef Chuck Tender($12.70), Broccoli with Seasoning, Salmon Miso Soup and Mentaiko Sauce.

Their Japan rice is short grain rice with some spring onions, seaweed strips and white sesame seeds.
Their beef was flavourful and not too dry and doused with a slight sweet and savoury sauce.
Broccoli with Seasoning was disappointing. What I got were 2 pieces of broccoli that tasted like they were blanched in water. That's how plain it was. I do feel that they could have given more broccoli.
Salmon Miso Soup consisted of 1 piece of salmon, a slice of tunip, kelp and tofu. Tasted good without being overly salty but I do find the tunip a little weird with the soup and the texture of it was still quite firm, not soft like those you get in stews.
Their Mentaiko Sauce is spicier than what you would usually find. Wouldn't recommend it to people who can't take spicy stuff. Also I felt that the spiciness overpowers the sweet umami-ness of the mentaiko.

Overall it was a good meal and they give a good amount of rice and beef with sides which actually justifies the price that they charge.

Came here for dinner. So basically you find a table for yourselves and then proceed to the cashier to order.

I got their Salmon Belly Sashimi ($16). 10 pieces of slight fatty goodness. I actually order it twice. The first portion had some slices which were slightly thinner and the salmon was more towards room temperature but they were still good. The second one that I order was much better. Slices were slightly thicker and chilled. Went really well with lemon, soy sauce and wasabi.

I also ordered the Ikura Roll, 8pcs ($17.90). Salmon, avocado, crabmeat, cucumber and rice topped with salmon roe. Really good, I didn't regret it. It also wasn't overly salty which was a surprise.

Lastly got their Chamomile Tea ($3.90). Apparently it's served by the pot. One good thing about it is the free refill of hot water by the friendly staff.

Overall I enjoyed my meal and would definitely come back here again. For those who love drinking they do offer happy hour from 11am to 8pm. There's also other food establishment here which you can try as well.

So there's this option to Build Your Own Bowl where you choose your base + protein(s) + 1 sauce + side(s).

I chose Sushi Rice ($1) + Unagi ($9) + Truffle Mayo + Onsen Egg ($1) + Lok-Lok Broccoli ($1.50).

So it stated sushi rice and when I bit into it I was so disappointed because it was just PLAIN short grain rice. Felt so deceived.

The unagi was quite good. Well cooked. Tender and flavorful. I really like the sauce on it as well.

Next the truffle mayo which turned out to be a disappointment. Did not have any truffle taste which I think the staff should taste for themselves on the day they serve.

For the onsen egg, it was good. Egg was flowy.

Lok-Lok broccoli was delicious as well. Tender, not too crunchy and well seasoned. My favourite in the don.

Overall the don lacked sauce and that caused the ingredients not to gel well with each other. It was like eating many seperate dishes, not in the good way. Hope they would drizzle some sauce on the plain rice instead of just the ingredients itself.

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Was at Marine parade and saw this stall selling Japanese don with a constant queue. So I decided to try their don. The person took my order and wrote on a slip on paper my order and order number. She gave me one slip and the other slip to the person preparing the food. The cashier would then shout the order number once the order is done. So I would advise those ordering to get seats near the stall so that you know when your food is ready.

I got their Teriyaki Beef Short Plate W/ Onsen Egg which consists of Beef Short Plate, Onions, Onsen Egg and Furikake.

So I think my dish did not come with onions? Either that or they minced the onions really fine. So on to the rice. The rice was not bad, drenched with the beef drippings which added flavour to the plain rice. Beef was tender and was coated with teriyaki sauce and topped with Furikake. For the Furikake I think it did not add much value to the entire dish and I mostly tasted togarashi (Japanese chili powder) from it. On to the Onsen egg. Was a little disappointed as the yolk already broke.

Overall it was a very average tasting bowl of beef and I felt that they could have given slightly more meat for the don or maybe add the Furikake on the rice instead of just the meat so that at least when people eat the rice itself there's some taste.

Grace Aw

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