Place was almost empty at 12.15pm. No lunch crowd. Ordered their prawn noodles (Chef Kang’s Prawn Noodles duh) instead of their Hot stone Prawn Paste Spare Ribs rice. Service was fast but then there was no other customer to serve.

Perhaps I was all hyped up by the reviews I read. Perhaps I’m spoilt by the likes of Beach Road Prawn Noodles but I felt disappointed as the star dish of the restaurant was really mediocre. Stock was neither bland nor flavourful. Noodles were blanched about right but there was no Omph!when coupled with the prawn stock. The prawns themselves were not very fresh as evident from the difficulties in peeling the shells. Rather, the star of the dish was the prawn paste spare rib (actually a generously large piece of pork chop). Crisp on the outside juicy band tender meat inside with just a hint of fat. Very flavourful as well from the prawn paste marinate. I almost ordered another piece.

Not happy with the dish overall, since I came for prawn noodles and got a very good pork chop instead. And rather expensive at S$10 a bowl. At one stage I actually suspected Chef Kang is no more associated with this restaurant. Not coming back.