Given at its location in Orchard Paragon, this is definitely the best choice and value for money in town. The food was delicious and of high quality, and it includes,
A4 Hokkaido Wagyu - House made Capellini with scallion oil, burnt onion and salmon fish roe.

Modern Rojak - Siphon prawn paste, rose apple, pineapple green mango, dough sticks & peanuts.

Hainanese Pork Chop - Tawaraya fried rice, pickle achar, salmon fish roe and ginger chilli.

Ice Cream Uncle - Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream, rainbow bread and waffle biscuits. House-made ice cream with truffle taste.

Oh ya, they have impeccable service and the manager even shared with me on how to get further discounts, which I'll share with all of you.

Simply just mention the secret word "Charcoal Grill" to get a 10% discount.