We use to try Yeah Taiwanese street food @Timbre a few times. When we notice the signboard of their insane lunch promo (in their word), we just got to try and go for the most basic ‘Yeah Signature Set’ $7.80 🤟
They got 2 options: Braised Pork & Braised Chicken for this Set. We ordered both and got 3 items in each set: chrysanthemum tea, potato fries, Braised chicken with ginger. Although we enjoy the combination and how a good value this set is. We are quite surprised to find the free mini side (fried potato) not the same sides as shown in the banner (cheese poppers, hash brown, Sakura fried mantou, cheese sticks). The rice is also slightly soggy for our liking. We hope they improve on their service as it took us around 5 mins to get the attention of their staff. 🤓
P.S. mustard is given with sides. Chilli sauce & ketchup self service