The Braised Pork Signature Set looks a darker version of Braised Chicken Set. We feel the small presence of vegetable in the bowl. We would prefer less meat and more vegetable. 👌
The old signature set delivers much better compared to this promo. (check our old post when we tried when they newly launched). We know the set is sans egg but please retain the amount of vegetable and serve as per the advertised sides. 🙏
There is an option of triple up rice set $11.80 which we have yet to try. 🤔

We use to try Yeah Taiwanese street food @Timbre a few times. When we notice the signboard of their insane lunch promo (in their word), we just got to try and go for the most basic ‘Yeah Signature Set’ $7.80 🤟
They got 2 options: Braised Pork & Braised Chicken for this Set. We ordered both and got 3 items in each set: chrysanthemum tea, potato fries, Braised chicken with ginger. Although we enjoy the combination and how a good value this set is. We are quite surprised to find the free mini side (fried potato) not the same sides as shown in the banner (cheese poppers, hash brown, Sakura fried mantou, cheese sticks). The rice is also slightly soggy for our liking. We hope they improve on their service as it took us around 5 mins to get the attention of their staff. 🤓
P.S. mustard is given with sides. Chilli sauce & ketchup self service

The star of this set is Prawn roll. The side dishes are quite similar to the supreme dice chicken set but they are very good in executing the dish so we don’t feel bored with their creation. The restaurant is in 4th floor of KLCC (good value for money & we will definitely come back!) not only because we love their cute cat theme but the food quality is good!! 👍

Chicken’s served in three ways : red sauce chicken in a hot plate, stripe chicken on rice and a refreshing chicken soup (Goji berry & Angelica root). We love that they give loads of side dishes along with the main (anchovies, fried beans and chicken ball). 👌😍

Didn’t try this bowl but my pal said that the broth is good. The beef cube must be quality from the look of it! 🤤
Hot Green tea is $2 Total cost for 2 person is around $33 👌

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The second eatery we try at Funan is our favourite noodle place ‘Lenu’. The brand is under Paradise group guaranteeing affordability & reliability in term of taste 👍 We can notice that there are more dishes to choose from our last visit at Northpoint outlet. Enjoy the freshly chopped spring onion & nice texture both Wanton filling & skin as usual. The chilli & vinegar makes this bowl not so bland & quickly depleted even though I have some snack before. 😄

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No need to explain how delicious this is! An appetizer not to be missed! 🤟

Gourd dumplings are also popular item on CNY as hu means protection & blessing. Guard off something you don’t like & enjoy blessings for this Piggy Year! 🐷 Btw, we plan to eat less/no Pork this year. This item really fits our diet regime Cross fingers for us to make it through for this mission!! 🤞

Wish all readers of our posts a very Happy Chinese New Year! A tradition to feast on dumplings on CNY eve. These vegetarian dumplings shape looks like ingots and it comes in green our favourite color (our pets are green spotted puffer and he surely does love this color!!) #huatah #abundance #health #wealth #luck

Got a fair share of trying Taiwanese food in SG, this hipster food truck one in Timbre+ stands out as it’s a new launch. Long Q is norm here even at 11:30 am.(stall owner is so kind to give away milk tea to the Q).👍
We ordered the signature one $4.50 (top pic) + Double up (braised pork & chicken) $6.50 (bottom pic) (the size difference is distinctive here). We think what stellar here are the salted vegetable (soft cabbage) & boiled egg (with nice egg yolk) that hold the dish together. Wish we had more gravy in a bowl & still have yet to try their sweet potato fries 🍠 🤤

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Yesterday lunch with a good old Friend from abroad. Not the first time we brought him here but it’s one of our favourite dim sum joint so here you go. Cheers to the colourful Xiao Long Bao!! 🍻
P.S. no detailed breakdown of dishes as we are treated to this yummy feast!


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