If the cheesy saying “Everyday is Valentine's Day When You Are with The Right Person” is true, why express your affection with greetings when you can say it with edible gifts?! Spelling love with their handcrafted bakes, Puffs and Peaks’ fluffy yeasted donuts were just as good as I remembered them to be! Think silky smooth chocolate custard, earthy Hojicha cream, velvety orh nee, and my new favourite, Passionfruit curd piped generously into the pillowy perfection. With just the right amount of zing, the curd had a very bright sweetness that went superbly well with the flavour of the dough.

And having their brownies for the first time, I think I am in love! The Hazelnut Praline Brownie was a foolproof combination with a strong dose of nuttiness from the layer of hazelnut paste atop. Distinct yet not overpowering, the hazelnut swirls didn’t take away the decadence of the moist dark cocoa brownie and instead added a very nice fragrance that wasn’t cloying at all.  

Having the best of both worlds, their Classic Brookie takes a regular chocolate chip cookie and marries it to a dark cocoa brownie for the ultimate treat! The classic half being buttery and semi-sweet while the other spots a more intense chocolatey aroma. But overall, the cookie had a lovely chew as well as a soft and fudgy bite. The melty Valrhona dark chocolate also providing that extra bittersweet oomph to tie the half-and-half cookie together.

All in all, a heartfelt thank you to the @puffsandpeaks team for sending your artisanal bakes my way!