As much as I’m going to sound like an entitled being, it’s slightly devastating to visit a place on ur wish list after some planning only to find the food to much dismay. I wanted to visit Dal-In when I learnt that they served korean Jokbal (very few korean restaurants in SG actually do). Sadly on this first visit the item was not on the menu and we settled for regular korean BBQ and other meat items instead.

Our $69 beef meat set was mediocre and we joked that mum’s meat cuts with our own grill at home would have been a better option. An appalling dish was the fried chicken chunks in oriental “hot & spicy pepper sauce” essentially Chinese dried chilli, other condiments and awkward bokchoy. It is hard to get fried dishes wrong but here one emerges. Then the soybean paste stew with a thin consistency had very little ingredients to warrant its $16 price tag.

The side dishes were the only good things we’ve had, which tells a sad story of our dining experience here.