A whole new experience on my long overdue (looks like it's been close to 2 years😱) visit to creamier with the Burpple community. While I was reminded of many past visits with other "ice cream X waffles enthusiast" (aka my JC gfs and mum) to the ice cream parlor, and my forever conventional order of their remarkable earl grey lavender X crispy dense waffles; today I was treated to a variety of flavors (PB&J and Madagascar Vanilla quickly becoming new favorites? 😬) and got invaluable insights from one of the owners herself.
*phew long sentence*
I learnt 1. Creamier still makes their own ice cream from what they promise are fine/earnest/virtuous ingredients. Secretly confirming the picky eater I am (a fact I am not very proud of) of my choice πŸ™Š.
2. Differences behind the commonly used term "soft serve".
Thank you Burpple for a foodie good time once again!!!