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Stressed Spelt Backwards Is Desserts

Stressed Spelt Backwards Is Desserts

Featuring Strictly Pancakes, St. Marc Café (Marina Square), Chicken Up (Tampines), Bunny and Pony, Din Tai Fung (Parkway Parade), 320 Below (Tampines 1), llaollao (Bedok Mall), Choc A Bloc, Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe (Paya Lebar Square), Gong Cha (SingPost Centre)
timtam_tum ✨
timtam_tum ✨

I had an involuntary ice cream ban on a Friday night, when the ice cream cookie & co tubs went perpetually OOS at all supermarkets in this part of SG. But come Saturday morning our dear family friends appeared in front of our door with handcrafted pintS of the Fat Cat ice cream.
We could not have asked for more but our couple friends included waffles and brownies in the delivery bag ; my favourites were the chewy buttermilk and charcoal waffles with in-house made chocolate and butterscotch sauces to be exact. Nicely chewy on its own, popping the waffles in the toaster for <1 min will give you the fresh off the griddle cafe waffles you desired, crisp on the outside and chewy inside.
As for the ice creams- I believe the fact that Fat Cat has been in business for years now, surviving the highly competitive SG ice cream scene speaks for itself. The Brand’s sweet ice creams use all natural ingredients i.e bites of durian flesh in our durian flavour, comforting grease with the taste of fermented wheat in the acquire taste of butter beer. If I may continue, cereal bites in my favourite flavor of cereal milk reminding me of Momofuku Chef Christina Tosi’s cereal milk bar phenomena I only watched and dream about on Chef’s Table. Then the fresh basil leaves for the strawberry basil flavour and shots of espresso that perks you up right away in the espresso ice cream.
Enough rambling and instead I should get my hands on more pints once the ones at home run out, free delivery in the East for orders $50 and above anyone?

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I do miss having chewy pretty looking waffles for weekend brunch as pictured. But I am glad that the number of cases dropped today ✨

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If anyone said that Smooy was another option to/ tasted like Llao Llao, I would call that fallacious. But $2~ for frozen yoghurt I’ll take, with Burpplebeyond. 😶😛

I knew I could leave any diet plans I loftily have in mind (and hardly act upon 😂), at the door after stepping into Mother Dough. Because even the above 2 left over bakes were tempting enough (time check: 4pm on a Saturday). I first gave the chocolate brownie a shot and it proved itself as a confident square with hard crisp crust and a rich dense gooey like center; truly the gold standard of real brownies.
When we ordered the lemon drizzle it was an equally indulgent, adequately moist butter cake with lemon zest and an icing sugar coat.
Thankfully I shared the 2 with my mother aka partner in crime and we preferred the decadent brownie with a generous scoop of nuts evenly spread in the cake. The yellow cake was not as evenly mixed with jolts of zest in some bites and an absence in others.
I was here for the croissants and shall be back for the croissants.

[backlog] The festive season celebrations at home happen to be a concurrent cake galore for my family. I mean 5 cakes in a span of less than a week is no small feat?

2 of which happened on the same day and were local flavours, Ondeh Ondeh and Durian Pengat ordered from the Malayan Council.

On another day mum got a massive salted Carmel red velvet from a trusted cake company we’ve familiarised ourselves with, post moving to the East. Chalk Farm did not disappoint with the dense red velvet sponge dyed in deep red beetroot colouring; layered with thick salted caramel cream, a great pairing in my opinion.

May the new year be of better food experience and delicious cake slices on treatyoself days✨


Paid very much for the view because 2 of the set of 3 HH Cocktails had 2/3 of the glass filled with crushed ice.
But might just very well do it again for the former reason.

A crumbly tart base that easily disintegrates on the palate, the salted caramel hides within a thick and viscous chocolate filling. The above beauty makes the statement that the dessert was satisfying a slight understatement; for it was an above board, great homemade tart.


The bakes at Hei Kim are all made in-house and they are good, if this cake speaks for others. The dense pumpkin puff and cake was not a light sponge but full of volume. Coupled with light chai touches - something I was happy paying $7 for.


Faultless eggy creme brûlée under a perfect caramelised shell and above some unadulterated Hokkaido milk ice cream; wrapped in a banal waffle cone.
Thank you Burpplebeyond for sweeting my indulgent stroll around Jewel 🤗


The usual excessive behaviour strikes when my family tastes something we like. One pint of tropical coconut led to 2 the next time we visited fair price and one each of the above flavours. These pints are enough to boycott our usual Hagen Daz at a lower price point at its current promotional price of $9.95.
I might be having ice cream way too often but hey always nice to come home after a day at work to a treat.

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The starkly green pandan jelly was too much to be completely natural but I did toast hints of pandan in them. That aside everything else in the bowl made this a good rendition- tribute to the chendol we are familiar with as Singaporeans; unadulterated ingredient include red beans, Gula Melaka sauce and coconut milk.

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Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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