Lady M is the place where I had my first mille crepe. Up till today, it's still the place that first comes to my mind whenever I crave for a classic mille crepe.

Their mille crepe is a delicate pastry that is elegantly built with 20 layers of paper-thin crepe. April seasonal features the Sakura berry mille crepe. The strawberry infused pastry cream was a lightly flavored one, with a hint of floral sweetness. The top layer was made of a slightly thicker Sakura-flavored white chocolate ganache, but I could hardly taste the floral element. Instead, it was like a layer of sourish pudding, with unripe strawberries.

I would still prefer having the classic and green tea mille crepes compared to this.

Tip: Eating the mille crepe layer by layer by wrapping the fork around each layer tastes much better and less messy as compared to trying to eat all 20 layers at a go! You can enjoy the cream better when wrapped in the crepe.