Their statement is bold - Singapore's crispiest prata. And indeed, they live true to their claim! It's by far the prata shop with the crispiest prata that I've ever tried. I was there at 8pm ++ on a Friday evening and it was the only stall with a queue - approx 5-6 pax ahead of me and each customer ordered 5-10 pieces?!?! Their prata was so crispy that it breaks into pieces each time I try to poke it through with my fork. Yes, you've to kinda lift up the prata pieces with your spoon before dipping them into curry. I also tried the egg prata - it wasnt as crispy as the plain, original crispy prata but thin enough for that perfect dough-to-egg ratio. One can down a few more prata pieces here as they're so thin that you don't find it cloying. Their curry was pretty good too - I appreciate how it isn't as salty as how some places makes it. This is the perfect place to start .. or end your day!