Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Deliciously sinful tzechar dishes, hawker finds and communal dining options for the masses
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Incredibly well smoked and marinated pulled-pork that’s generously loaded atop fries, nacho cheese and Mayo mix. This alone is a meal in itself but definitely less sinful as a shared side! Best part? It’s probably only 1/3 of the price restaurants would typically charge. Can’t believe this is only $5.50!!!

Great chilli and pretty decent noodles (not WOW like come-daily Hokkien mee from TPY but really not too bad!) it would have been a recommendation but unfortunately the family’s first experience here was marred with poor customer experience.

Ordered the food via grab self-collection at 12pm. Upon arrival, my sister-in-law realised that collection was based on presence. Ie. if you’re not physically present, they’ll not proceed with preparation of your order (this totally defeats the “order and collect” concept of pre-order). As a result, my SIL was made to wait for another 20mins for food to be prepared.

During the 20mins wait, my SIL witnessed similar complaints from peeps who are in the queue, waiting for their orders to be prepared. 1 guy kicked up a fuss and hence received priority treatment to have his order prepared ahead of my SIL’s (which by then, was a good 30mins’ wait from order time)

With the poor customer service and queue management, it’s hard to bring ourselves back again! So once and never, 👋🏻

Possibly the only place one could find such rendition of the chicken satay, drizzled with some olive oil (?) and chimichurri! Chicken bits were succulent and so tender, with a mix of char aroma and yet tanginess from the chimichurri. For those who prefer the good-ol traditional chicken satay, this may not be for you in huge portions but still worth the try. At $0.90/stick, why not? & also not forgetting the waiting list is ~6months! (As of the time of this post!)

Featured on various media for its old-school, charred grills. It’s $0.90/stick, each comes with extremely well marinated meat and right portions of meat and fat! Loved how the meat were chunky (approx x1.5 the size of normal satay from the hawker?), and the Hainanese peanut gravy that comes with pineapple purée (option to have it served separately and you get to control the amount of pineapple to add). The longtong were great carbs to pair with the peanut gravy. I wish the peanut were more fragrant tho! Haron’s were a lil’ more crunchy and fragrant. This is of a slightly milder crunch and milder fragrance.

Pork’s a must try!

Are you camp black or camp white?
Pretty yumsy carrot cake - with the white version zhnged up with fresh crystal glass prawns. The black version is sweet with some crisps on the edges.

Compared with the oyster omelette and satay, it doesn’t WOW 🤩 as much. But still a pretty satisfactory meal!

This kinda deserves a standing orhvation! According to the fiancé who joined the long queue on a Friday evening for one of the town’s fav oyster omelette, the oysters were incredibly huge (and freshly shucked!)! As pictured, each oyster was at least 3-4cm long and they’re all so fat and plump. Looking at it brings on some aphrodisiac effect alrdy😅 Paired with a balanced mixture of egg + flour and then fried to a nice gooey inside, crispy outside texture, it’s easily understandable why this wins the tastebuds of many!

Cheap and good! It’s the most valuable satay around town. The meat were incredibly chunky (approx 1.5 the thickness and size of normal satay!), same with the peanuts too! Everything was awesome, except for the ketupat which was unfortunately ‘frozen’ and steamed ): But oh well, the highlight is the satay and the sauce! Both easily fare 11/10. It’s my fiancé’s favourite satay in town and now mine too!

Arrived at 11.30am on a Sunday and the wait was long! We were lucky to be able to place our order - shortly after our order was made, Mr & Mrs Mohgan stopped taking in more orders. It was abt 12pm by then?

Indeed crispy out, fluffy in kinda prata. Also, very cheap! Breakdown of our prata spend: Plain $1, 🥚 $1.50, 🧀 🧅 $2.50
I recall it’s approx $1.20 for plain, $1.60/$1.80 for egg at so-so prata places in my neighbourhood...

This is worth the wait if you can afford the time. Otherwise, there are other places in close fight with significantly reduced waiting time but at a slightly higher price point I guess?

Yes - squares! These handmade carrot cake are diced into nice little cubes, mixed with egg and preserved radish, then fried to a crisp! They’re then split into large squares (instead of individual cubes) for that substantial mouth-bite! Is it worth the 20-mins wait? Yes it does! For one, the eggy fragrance was strong - love how the owner is generous with the use of egg and preserved radish!

Their statement is bold - Singapore's crispiest prata. And indeed, they live true to their claim! It's by far the prata shop with the crispiest prata that I've ever tried. I was there at 8pm ++ on a Friday evening and it was the only stall with a queue - approx 5-6 pax ahead of me and each customer ordered 5-10 pieces?!?! Their prata was so crispy that it breaks into pieces each time I try to poke it through with my fork. Yes, you've to kinda lift up the prata pieces with your spoon before dipping them into curry. I also tried the egg prata - it wasnt as crispy as the plain, original crispy prata but thin enough for that perfect dough-to-egg ratio. One can down a few more prata pieces here as they're so thin that you don't find it cloying. Their curry was pretty good too - I appreciate how it isn't as salty as how some places makes it. This is the perfect place to start .. or end your day!

Here, another snaking queue spotted. And yes, it was worth the queue! The fragrance from the egginess filled the room when I opened up this takeaway packet of fried carrot cake. Every single carrot cube was coated with egg and it was extremely fragrant. There were also shreds of carrots within the carrot cake pieces. I particularly appreciate how Tanglin Halt’s version of carrot cake wasn’t overly oily, unlike that of many other carrot cake places. I would love to try their black carrot cake some time!

$7.50 for this plate of fried goodness. What drew my papa to this stall was the display of pre-fried items that didn’t look overly brown (papa said that’s a sign of fresh oil, not recycled oil!) nor oily. Indeed, each bite was a crunchy crispy mix of dough goodness, absent of the distasteful smell of stale oil! Love the sweet, peanut-y and spicy mix dip. Yums!!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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