Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Deliciously sinful tzechar dishes, hawker finds and communal dining options for the masses
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Founded tgt with maki-san’s founder, Wooshi serves signature rolls and DIY rolls at a highly affordable price. Ingredients were fresh and tasty! I noted a slight difference in the protein selections this time tho (2nd visit) - they no longer have smoked duck on their menu! Not sure if it’s just specific to the outlet at One North. But in any case, am happy with my rollicious lunch!

Psst: Wooshi’s DIY sushi rolls are way way way more affordable with Burpple beyond. Why go for maki-san (and pay maki san’s price) when you can have the same at half the price with Burpple beyond?

A Xi'An street specialty, this sandwich wrap resembles a scaled down, palm sized version of the murtabak. The crispy 'sandwich' reminds me of prata - execept that it wasnt fried with ghee (phew) but rather, baked in a wok/pan. The exterior was incredibly crispy that flakes fall off with each bite. They're many different fillings available. I had the signature pork, where the pork flakes were stewed in a blend of secret spices and mixed with crunch green capsicums. It looked kinda like tuna. The pork flakes were super tender and juicy - I appreciate how it doesnt reek of oil or gets overly salty - tho at some bites, you do realise you're biting into some bits of fats (negligible i would say!). At $4.90++, this is definitely an affordable lunch choice in the CBD area. The big eaters may consider to add-on a bowl of their signature suan la fen to complete the meal! You know this appeal to the office crowd from the long queue at lunch time and also... sightings of plenty Westerners in the queue!

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Do not aspect any wow factor. It’s indeed the typical neighbourhood hokkien mee, with decent chilli sauce and pork lard. It makes a decent choice to satisfy any Hokkien mee craving but definitely not the top choice considering the rather poor order management. It was a terribly long wait despite having pre-ordered on grab food. As it turned out, the stall doesnt start working on your order until you’ve appeared in-person for collection. What’s the pre-ordering system for then? A total wait of 40mins, not because the queue was particularly long due to the exceptional food but because it’s a breakdown of 20mins prep time (per grab app) + 20mins actual prep time (when you show up in person for collection)

a chance find around the Bukit Batok neighbourhood! Cheap, good, and incredibly generous with portion size. Food items are generally good but here’s featuring the jaw-droppingly amazing fries! Laden with an incredibly huge serving of pulled pork fries, mayo sauce and nacho cheese sauce. It could well be a meal in itself, if not for the fact that it’s too fattening and sinful 🙊

Slurrrpppppps! It’s not as famed as Amoy, Xin Mei Xiang, 178 Tiong bahru lor mee, but a good substitute if the famous lor mee stalls are too far away!

Addition for fish fritters comes with the choice of $1, $2 or $3. Featured here’s the $2 portion. Love how it doesn’t reek of bad oil and still remained crispy after 2-3 hours in the open!

Yet another great find from JP Kitchen! Perfect for communal meals. It comes with very spicy drumlets, Unagi and snow carb inari, as well as nacho cheese gyoza! Search them up online now!

Psst: They’re halal!

Highly recommending this premium Tako platter for communal meals! Who says you can only find Takos at Pasar malams? Who says catered food are boring? I came across the interesting Japanese-themed menu from JP Kitchen. Check out their website!

On the tako balls - I love the generous serving of bonito flakes. There’re different fillings to select from - octopus, prawn, hotdog etc. Toppings include nacho cheese sauce, toniko, signature sauce etc. This was well loved by the fam!

Psst: it does get a lil’ too filling and jelat if you’ve one too many!

Finally landed my hands on some of the delicious hehpiahs - adapted from a 👵🏼‘s recipe. Each piece was generously filled with some cabbage, silverfish, spring onions and prawn. I love the crisp! The consistency of the sizes could be further improved tho! It was a lil’ too doughy for some pieces. Also, it’d be great if they were fried to a lighter brown 🙂

Tip: The price per piece gets cheaper if you order more.

Support local and online now from the Hehpiahfamily! on Instagram!

Incredibly well smoked and marinated pulled-pork that’s generously loaded atop fries, nacho cheese and Mayo mix. This alone is a meal in itself but definitely less sinful as a shared side! Best part? It’s probably only 1/3 of the price restaurants would typically charge. Can’t believe this is only $5.50!!!

Great chilli and pretty decent noodles (not WOW like come-daily Hokkien mee from TPY but really not too bad!) it would have been a recommendation but unfortunately the family’s first experience here was marred with poor customer experience.

Ordered the food via grab self-collection at 12pm. Upon arrival, my sister-in-law realised that collection was based on presence. Ie. if you’re not physically present, they’ll not proceed with preparation of your order (this totally defeats the “order and collect” concept of pre-order). As a result, my SIL was made to wait for another 20mins for food to be prepared.

During the 20mins wait, my SIL witnessed similar complaints from peeps who are in the queue, waiting for their orders to be prepared. 1 guy kicked up a fuss and hence received priority treatment to have his order prepared ahead of my SIL’s (which by then, was a good 30mins’ wait from order time)

With the poor customer service and queue management, it’s hard to bring ourselves back again! So once and never, 👋🏻

Possibly the only place one could find such rendition of the chicken satay, drizzled with some olive oil (?) and chimichurri! Chicken bits were succulent and so tender, with a mix of char aroma and yet tanginess from the chimichurri. For those who prefer the good-ol traditional chicken satay, this may not be for you in huge portions but still worth the try. At $0.90/stick, why not? & also not forgetting the waiting list is ~6months! (As of the time of this post!)

Featured on various media for its old-school, charred grills. It’s $0.90/stick, each comes with extremely well marinated meat and right portions of meat and fat! Loved how the meat were chunky (approx x1.5 the size of normal satay from the hawker?), and the Hainanese peanut gravy that comes with pineapple purée (option to have it served separately and you get to control the amount of pineapple to add). The longtong were great carbs to pair with the peanut gravy. I wish the peanut were more fragrant tho! Haron’s were a lil’ more crunchy and fragrant. This is of a slightly milder crunch and milder fragrance.

Pork’s a must try!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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