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Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Deliciously sinful tzechar dishes, hawker finds and communal dining options for the masses
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Crispy shell plumped up with juicy pork and fresh prawn that’s so, so, so succulent. Served with truffle infused Mayo and a serving of ketchup - I’d say, skip the ketchup and head straight for the truffle Mayo. You don’t need ketchup to taint the wonderful aroma of truffle!! Love how thoughts have been put into the plating, with fried wanton noodles beneath the fried dumplings, creating a “nest bed” - these fried wanton strings can be pretty addictive too!

Ps: There’s also the option of fried wantons but... you should really try the dumplings first!! ‘As recommended by the first-gen hawker owner himself!

Charsiew wanton noodles with thiccc juicy charsiew in glossy red gravy (not the dry-looking and thinly sliced meat!) Comes with fried wanton too!! Love the thicccc gravy served generously with the noodles. It might be a tad too salty if you don’t mix well. So be patient and mix it proper ☺️

Dumpling wanton noodles was served with plump dumplings, stuffed with minced meat and fresh prawns.
‘Also topped with some greens to balance the meal.

Note: There used to be $4 and $5 options but now it’s a standard $6! Portion was pretty huge tho

Do also try the fried dumplings! (Go for the dumplings and not the wantons, as recommended by the stall owner himself!)

Extremely, incredibly fragrant with loadsa eggs!! Every mouthful was a burst of eggyness. Super love the carrot cake cubes which were pretty smooth and soft, with loads of radish too. The uncle even made the effort to layer this so neatly 😂

Combo set, at just $7.50! Slurppilicious thick white beehoon doused in lor mee style gravy with pretty thicccc slices of beef, with some taugay! The set comes with a bowl of beef bowl soup and beef balls!

At $8nett, this may seem like a pricey food court meal. But hey, dished from all other stalls were around the price range of $6-$8 or more as well! The huge portion feeds 2 (unless you’re 1 incredibly big eater), with a lot more beef slices than the dry beef noodle combo set ($7.50). The kwayteow were extremely charred and each bite was filled with wokhei goodness. So charred and so aromatic that it stole the attention away from the dry beef noodle combo set which wow-ed me at first bite too. ‘Served with bean sprouts and some greens too, in a way a ‘balanced’ meal after all? 😅

While this stall sells pig's organ, their century egg porridge is a must-try too! (No wonder it gets a 4.4/5 rating on Food Panda! Papa discovered this century egg porridge place as he explores more neighbourhood eats during this covid period. Love the youtiaos that came along - only wish there were more to go along with the porridge! The rice bits were smooth and creamy - with aromatic sesame oil wafting with each sip. Love it that it wasnt watery (that's quite a put off!) There's also the option to choose between lean pork/ chicken shreds, and to add extra century egg! One could never get enough of century eggs - yes, no?

As good as Sembawang White beehoon, or Boon Tong Kee's baimifen! The broth was rich, with a pretty good serving of sliced fish, clams and eggs! They were very, very very generous with their serving of pork lard too!

The irony of moonlight eats in broad daylight
Moonlight horfun is not new to most locals - with its name derived from the moon-like yolk sitting neatly on a pile of dark horfun (thanks to the effects of wokhei and some dark sauce). This portion serves 2, but left the boy super, super bloated along with a side of 8 harcheonggai! Very fattening but very satisfying too

Insanely gratifying meal of all things unhealthy - the calories from all forms (thicccc coconuttiness of the curry, fried cutlet and.... addition of charsiew (+$1.50) were worth it! Little wonder why the queue was snakingly long on a Friday noon, past lunch peak (I was there at approx 2pm!) Fortunately boy made it in time before the 'hot' signature item was sold out. Instead of rice, boy opted for noodles which came in the likes of wanton noodles (not the yellow, alkanine-ish tasting round noodles). For the boy who've just hit the gym before this meal, I can see why there's instant feeling of 'reward'!

Atas pork for this piece of tonkatsu, with some sweet & sour sauce that wasn’t overly impressive. In terms of the execution, it was perfect!! So tender and juicy, yet very crispy on the outside.

By Miss Vanda
‘Specially curated for Sky High Hawker eats event, in celebration of the nation’s 55th birthday.

Mingzhu roll: that’s the highlight of the day! Fried beancurd ‘case’ containing everything good - century egg, salted egg, mushrooms, ham and very, very succulent prawn. The only gripe I had was the lack of flavour from the salted eggy. Perhaps overwhelmed by the mushroomy taste, or overcooked. Worth a try anyway!

Prawn roll: Well, just some really good ngoh hiong that you can probably find elsewhere too.

‘By KEK, that very popz tzechar.
Served as part of the Sky High Hawker eats event, in celebration of the nation’s 🇸🇬 55th birthday!

Woah that golden silky blanket warms is comforting just to look at 😍 And of course nicer to experience it gliding down the throat. The silky smooth eggy was perfectly executed - so soft, so smooth, and a lot more flavoursome with the shoyu lace. The freshly shucked oyster, deep fried, completes the ooopmh factor. I wish I could show you the interior of this lil’ mountain - the rice were mixed generously with fish roe. It’s a burst of seafood freshness with each bite!! Quoting the fiancé, “I can taste the freshness of the 🌊 in my mouth!”

By Seafood Pirates (Yishun Park Hawker)
‘Specially curated for the Sky High Hawker event in celebration of the nation’s 🇸🇬 55th birthday.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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