Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Hawker finds, Tzechars & wallet friendly eats

Deliciously sinful tzechar dishes, hawker finds and communal dining options for the masses
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Yes - squares! These handmade carrot cake are diced into nice little cubes, mixed with egg and preserved radish, then fried to a crisp! They’re then split into large squares (instead of individual cubes) for that substantial mouth-bite! Is it worth the 20-mins wait? Yes it does! For one, the eggy fragrance was strong - love how the owner is generous with the use of egg and preserved radish!

Their statement is bold - Singapore's crispiest prata. And indeed, they live true to their claim! It's by far the prata shop with the crispiest prata that I've ever tried. I was there at 8pm ++ on a Friday evening and it was the only stall with a queue - approx 5-6 pax ahead of me and each customer ordered 5-10 pieces?!?! Their prata was so crispy that it breaks into pieces each time I try to poke it through with my fork. Yes, you've to kinda lift up the prata pieces with your spoon before dipping them into curry. I also tried the egg prata - it wasnt as crispy as the plain, original crispy prata but thin enough for that perfect dough-to-egg ratio. One can down a few more prata pieces here as they're so thin that you don't find it cloying. Their curry was pretty good too - I appreciate how it isn't as salty as how some places makes it. This is the perfect place to start .. or end your day!

Here, another snaking queue spotted. And yes, it was worth the queue! The fragrance from the egginess filled the room when I opened up this takeaway packet of fried carrot cake. Every single carrot cube was coated with egg and it was extremely fragrant. There were also shreds of carrots within the carrot cake pieces. I particularly appreciate how Tanglin Halt’s version of carrot cake wasn’t overly oily, unlike that of many other carrot cake places. I would love to try their black carrot cake some time!

$7.50 for this plate of fried goodness. What drew my papa to this stall was the display of pre-fried items that didn’t look overly brown (papa said that’s a sign of fresh oil, not recycled oil!) nor oily. Indeed, each bite was a crunchy crispy mix of dough goodness, absent of the distasteful smell of stale oil! Love the sweet, peanut-y and spicy mix dip. Yums!!

🦈 nuggets drew me to try the lor mee at this stall with an endless queue. Time check, it was only 10ish in the morning. Well, the regulars can’t get it wrong - if there’s a queue after so many many many years of operating at this hawker, the food must be good, if not great. Verdict? Yes it’s slurrrrps! Herbally broth that wasn’t overly herbally for my liking, with generous servings of fish cake, sprouts and some slices of lor bak. And the highlight? 3 fat shark nuggets fried to a crisp! ‘they remained crispy out, tender within. Texture of the “shark” meat is a cross between fish and chicken, a new intro to the tastebuds!

Deep peppery bak kut teh which appeals to lovers of BKT because of it’s strong peppery spice. But I wouldn’t say it’s sth extremely “wow”! The “wow” factor comes primarily from the delectable meesua and fried porridge. It’s so, so, so, flavoursome. Meesua was extremely cheap (+$0.50) as add-on to any of the additional mains ordered (fried porridge included). Even w/o the add-on price, it’s priced at $0.80, definitely very affordable too!

I’m not a fan of mixed organs, or any other innards. So I opted for the sliced pork fried porridge instead. Can I say, it’s extremely savoury! At $5/bowl, it’s definitely not the cheapest porridge but the size’s at least 20% larger than the usual ones at cheaper price. There’s also a pretty generous serving of sliced pork slices - well cooked to tenderness. No fatty bits (ie wasted food) that you’ll spit out!

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yummmz! Papa the charkwayteow fanatic gives his approval to the wokhei and generous serving of ingredients that goes into this plate of CKT. Oysters were plump and fresh (so so so fresh!) But instead adding oysters to your CKT, you should consider getting a plate of crispy fried oyster egg instead! So, incredibly yums! Love how there’s a generous serving of egg - it gets disappointing when CKT is all noodles with little egg. Every mouthful comes with egg bits - this is how eggy the dish is! Uncle has also added some greens and loadsa taugay- perfect to rub off some ‘sin’ ... if you choose to be delusional for a while. On a serious note tho, it’s not oily- totally no oily after taste!

ORH-LUA, $6 portion! (Comes in $5 too) The elderly couple who’s been running this stall for years certainly live by the mantra of an honest business - they’re so, so, so generous with their serving and they only use quality ingredients ie. the freshest and plumpest oysters! Each oyster was well-cleaned (no sandy grains that ruin your orh-lua egg experience) and they’re all plump and juicy, so fresh that you do smell the sea 🌊 (no spoilt oysters that create a distasteful meal experience) The edges were crispy, with a well balance of flour - not too floury and therefore the aroma of the egginess is maintained. Best part? Despite the incredible value and taste of their food, their service is great (smiles) and there wasn’t a terribly long queue!

Crispy shell plumped up with juicy pork and fresh prawn that’s so, so, so succulent. Served with truffle infused Mayo and a serving of ketchup - I’d say, skip the ketchup and head straight for the truffle Mayo. You don’t need ketchup to taint the wonderful aroma of truffle!! Love how thoughts have been put into the plating, with fried wanton noodles beneath the fried dumplings, creating a “nest bed” - these fried wanton strings can be pretty addictive too!

Ps: There’s also the option of fried wantons but... you should really try the dumplings first!! ‘As recommended by the first-gen hawker owner himself!

Charsiew wanton noodles with thiccc juicy charsiew in glossy red gravy (not the dry-looking and thinly sliced meat!) Comes with fried wanton too!! Love the thicccc gravy served generously with the noodles. It might be a tad too salty if you don’t mix well. So be patient and mix it proper ☺️

Dumpling wanton noodles was served with plump dumplings, stuffed with minced meat and fresh prawns.
‘Also topped with some greens to balance the meal.

Note: There used to be $4 and $5 options but now it’s a standard $6! Portion was pretty huge tho

Do also try the fried dumplings! (Go for the dumplings and not the wantons, as recommended by the stall owner himself!)

Extremely, incredibly fragrant with loadsa eggs!! Every mouthful was a burst of eggyness. Super love the carrot cake cubes which were pretty smooth and soft, with loads of radish too. The uncle even made the effort to layer this so neatly 😂

Combo set, at just $7.50! Slurppilicious thick white beehoon doused in lor mee style gravy with pretty thicccc slices of beef, with some taugay! The set comes with a bowl of beef bowl soup and beef balls!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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