A friend was telling me how I should check this place out because it served carbonara at RM 10.90. And check it out I did. Tho this isn't technically carbonara (I'm talking about the real carbonara with no cream and uses pancetta or guanciale), this (Tagliatella Spinach Chicken) is as close to cheap carbonara as cheap carbonara gets. Lots of Parmesan (everyone's favourite pasta) cheese and egg yolk as well a just a dash of cream. Not too much sauce that it drowns the pasta and enough sauce that the Tagliatella is able to coat each strand. Not too fond of the chicken ham (it probably would have tasted better if it were bacon. Or pancetta... or even spam that has been lightly stir-fried) and the fact that my spinach chicken came with no spinach. But alas. For RM 10.90 for a plate of creamy pasta, you have little to complain about.

Other than the fact that it makes me sick of it (jelak) easily, it is a tad bit too salty with the sauce and ham.

Ps: I suggest sharing if you don't like creamy foods.