For those who love drinking, please do yourself a favour and head down to this hole in the wall traditional izakaya. And when I say traditional, I mean the typical drinking izakaya that you always find jotted on the streets of japan. The izakaya, have a drinking policy which you MUST ADHERE, or you are barred from the place. (Do know that it’s really a small joint that house only 10-15pax max).

And with amazing food that goes well with each swing of beers, sake, whisky and soju, you would be coming back for more The owner, a Japanese Chef from Shangri-la hotel decided to come out on his own and introduce what izakaya really mean. His humble little place, screamed homely, with you eventually making friends with like-minded drinking people present at the point of time.

Every dish is very complimentary to every alcohol. The Chef have a wide and good knowledge of sake, and can recommend a good bottle for you to settle in for the night.