Now, you can curb that craving as Tamashii has launched their DIY ramen kit which you can store a few of them in the freezer and the best part is that each is packed individually with clear instructions on how to prepare them in a quick and convenient manner. You can either opt to buy these ramen kits ala carte or get them via a DIY Bundle Deal ($64) which comes with a set of DIY Tori Ramen, DIY Tonkatsu Ramen, Frozen Wagyu Beef Gyoza (6 pieces) and Frozen Satsuma-age. The DIY Tori Ramen comes with a pack of frozen chicken broth, a portion of dry ramen and frozen minced chicken ball while the DIY Tonkatsu Ramen comes with a pack of frozen pork bone broth, dry ramen and frozen braised Sakura pork belly that has been seared before packing. After defrosting the frozen broth, all I took was 10-15 minutes to get my bowl of piping hot ramen, pan fried gyoza and satsuma-age (house made fish cake with crab meat stuffing) ready on my dining table. Super comforting with a flavourful broth that will make you feel satisfied from the start to end.